How to build brand loyalty programmes?


What is brand loyalty? Consumers reveal a behavior pattern when they become committed to a particular brand, which leads them to make repeat purchases over a period of time. Customer loyalty actually means it is a premium relationship, which benefits both the brand and the customer.

Businesses often use creative marketing strategies such as ‘brand loyalty programmes’. And, to create brand loyalty, businesses use different tactics in a highly competitive market, where there are established and new players. Brand loyalty addresses the most important needs of its customers. In order to be able to understand how to market their products, companies collect and analyze data of their customers; and marketers track changes and plan their marketing and promotional campaigns accordingly, in order to retain their brand-loyal customers. All this is to influence purchasing behaviours of customers. Keeping the customer happy and making them recommend your brand involves something more. And for entrepreneurs, this is very critical. How will you ensure that customers keep coming back to buy your product in the future? 

If you’re looking for real ways to create and retain customer loyalty, consider setting up a few of these strategies.

Make the line of communication strong: Practice ways to connect with your customers, for communicating frequently keeps your brand fresh in their minds.  Besides, you can create a database (with full contact information) and you can send friendly reminders, discount offers, festival greetings, birthday/anniversary greetings or a monthly newsletter. Social media is another great way to communicate with your customers almost on a daily basis.

Provide something ‘extra’ for most loyal customers: One of the best ways to reward customer loyalty is to give some extra perks to your most dependable customers. By setting up a reward system for the most loyal, you not only encourage them to stay with you, but you also reach out and set an example for other customers – an incentive, to help them reach that ‘loyal’ status.

• Ensure satisfactory customer service: While this seems like a given, it’s so very important. Customers are known to end their relationship because they were unhappy with the service or they have many complaints which are not addressed. Customers remember when they’re treated well; and unfortunately, they also remember when they’re treated badly. In both cases, they will spread the word – like they usually tell their friends and families. This can have an impact – it can either mean more business for you or lost business opportunities!!

• Give customers a reason to be ‘loyal’: If you have some of the most loyal fans out there, they can really go to great lengths – to prove just how much they love your brand. 

Interestingly, when neuroscientists scanned the brains of Apple fans, and they discovered something amazing!  They learned that the same part of the brain that lights up, when religious people think about their deity is activated, when these customers think about their beloved products! This clearly shows that, if you offer a product or service that your customers think is the best, they’ll be completely bowled over! They will stay devoted with a passion that no one can beat.

In today’s business environment, it highlights how important customer loyalty really is. So, take that step to help you create loyal customers, who will be happy to connect with your business, for a long time!

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