How Critical is Environmental Responsibility Today?


On National Pollution Prevention Day – December 2, 2022, sheatwork focuses on – has taking control of environmental responsibility hit a slow burn?

World Pollution Prevention Day is observed globally on December 2. The topic of pollution has been paramount. After global warming took centre-stage as the pandemic hit us, the world today is well aware of the consequences of climate change. And, most importantly, not only nations, but every individual has a huge role to play in this fight against pollution. A clean environment can be achieved only with the efforts of everyone. Even small acts such as planting a sapling, sorting out and dumping garbage at the right place, recycling plastic items can be the first steps to turning our planet into a sustainable place to live.

Understanding, measuring and managing today’s environmental impact – is humanity’s greatest challenge for the 21st century.

It is to be noted that international bodies such as the United Nations (UN), the World Health Organization (WHO), Greenpeace and others have been urging countries across the globe – to take precautionary measures to control pollution. However, the responsibility does not lie only on our governments; people must come out as individuals to make every possible effort – to reduce environmental pollution.

Most significantly, this day is observed to create awareness about environmental pollution and its negative impact on our health and the planet, at large. The most dangerous type of pollution that has taken the world by storm is – plastic pollution. From degrading soil quality to killing marine life, plastic pollution has become a critical issue to our very existence.

Since they have set up their own entity, entrepreneurs have the power to mould their businesses. They have full control over how to steer the direction of their original big idea, then decide on the type of processes and regulations their business follows; and of course, how the business expands and grows over time. And, as all businesses have profitability at the top, as the biggest goals, raking in as much money as possible gets the focus. Because if there is no profit in the business, it might as well close down. But looking at the condition of the world, at some point social responsibility, especially environmental responsibility, must also enter the equation.

Reducing your carbon footprint and minimizing your consumption of natural resources not only protects the environment for future generations, but it will also help in a big way, to reduce your total operating costs too. It’s truly a win-win situation!

Environmental responsibility is top-of-mind

How can you make environmental responsibility top-of-mind? Here are some strategies you can follow that can convert your business to become more sustainable and environmentally friendly.
> Go paperless
> Use recycled products
> Monitor your use of resources
> Use alternative energy sources

Following these steps makes it obvious that – every step counts!

As we can see, environmental responsibility isn’t an uncompromising strategy. In fact, by adopting some of the strategies given, you will take small steps toward involving social responsibility in your business, and also make a positive impact on the environment.

And, the more entrepreneurs get into engaging on a socially-responsible, environment-friendly mode, the better preserved our planet will be!

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