How Business can be Influenced by TV


World Television Day is observed on November 21, and it was the UN who created this day in December 1996. It was to recognize the impact television has had on decision- making by bringing world attention to conflicts, threats, peace and security. So the UN General Assembly designated the 21st November as World Television Day.

On November 21 and 22 in 1996, the United Nations held the first World Television Forum, when leading media figures met – to discuss the growing significance of television in the rapidly changing world and consider how they might enhance their mutual cooperation. UN leaders recognized that television could bring attention to conflicts, raise awareness of threats to peace and security, and sharpen focus on social and economic issues. Television was acknowledged as a major tool in informing, channeling and affecting public opinion, and having an undoubtable presence and influence on world politics. So the day celebrates TV – the symbol for communication and globalization in the contemporary world.

Television has been able to provide communication and globalization in the contemporary world. TV is important for business too. For a business to grow, the most important thing is to reach as many potential customers as possible. In doing so, the business can start generating demand and fill the top of sales funnel. So, TV advertising is a huge help for brands at reaching audiences and therefore, growing the potential customer base.

Then there is the inherent power of audio-visual advertising. TV advertising can evoke emotions that increase trust, create and reinforce positive associations and as a result, make brands popular. Most importantly, this longer-term brand building is fundamental to business growth.

However, in addition to this, TV is extremely effective at delivering short-term sales by rapidly driving awareness amongst target audiences at scale. Indeed, in a study looking at over 300 campaigns from smaller advertisers, TV was found to deliver 80% of advertising-generated sales whilst only representing 66% of spend. In addition to all of this, TV amplifies other media channels and makes them work harder.

A reality check!

Here is an important reality check about the influence of TV. Though online streaming services and video platforms, from Netflix to Youtube, are grabbing more and more eyeballs by the day, it does not mean that TV advertising is dead. When you think of the advantages of TV advertising, you may think that it’s only the biggest brands that will get the full mass-media reach. While there’s no denying that the bigger your budget and the bigger your audience, the more you’re likely to see in return. However, that doesn’t mean that small and mid-sized businesses can’t benefit and reap their own share of the rewards, too. Plus, we in India have to pay heed to rural demographics too, and the regional channels address that so beautifully!

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