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In 1996, the United Nations put together World Television Day, after recognizing the profound impact of this medium on decision-making, entertainment, and global connectivity. On November 21, we celebrate the invention of the world’s first electronic television by the powerful visionary Philo Taylor Farnsworth in 1927, an innovation that transcended his humble beginnings in a home without electricity. Fast forward to the inaugural World Television Forum in 1996, where global leaders acknowledged television’s role – in highlighting conflicts, raising awareness, and influencing public opinion on social and economic issues.

Why every entrepreneur should make use of television marketing

Television marketing, often considered a stronghold of larger enterprises, proves to be an invaluable asset for businesses – big or small.

Here’s why every entrepreneur should leverage the power of television for their ventures because of a number of reasons.

> Reaches a large audience: Television ads have the unparalleled ability to reach a vast audience simultaneously, creating robust awareness. Statistics show that TV shows reach 71.5% of the population in a single day and no less than 90% every week.

> Generates easy Call to Action: Effective TV advertising can effortlessly generate a call to action, with over 50% of those interacting with a business making a purchase.

> Creates easy communication: Businesses can use TV ads to communicate the uniqueness(USP) of their products to both prospective and existing customers, conveying essential aspects of their offerings effectively.

> Generates more Sales: TV advertising stands out as one of the most effective mediums for selling products or services. It allows businesses to market to a targeted audience, leading to increased sales.

> Builds Trust: Beyond boosting sales, TV ads contribute to building trust for a business. Strict regulations govern TV advertising, ensuring viewer rights are protected, and the medium is held to high standards.

Despite common misconceptions, both big and small businesses can indeed, tap into the potential of TV advertising. Television marketing is not just for business enterprises with massive budgets. It is a powerful tool for creating awareness and positioning brands in the market. As we celebrate World Television Day on November 21, let’s recognize the entrepreneurial possibilities that lie within the screens that educate, inform, entertain, and, most importantly, propel businesses forward toward success.

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