Greenland’s Trailblazing Women: From Ice to Power

In the spotlight: Some enterprising women entrepreneurs in Greenland

Greenland, the land of awe-inducing icebergs and untouched beauty, has a story that’s as cool as its landscapes. Back in the 60s and 70s, women broke open the doors of education, with 1 in 5 choosing to level up academically (while 1 out of 10 men choose to start higher education).

But that’s not all – today, these Greenlandic women are making waves as business owners, running boutiques, tour companies and more. Picture this: local boutiques oozing with creativity, tour companies sparking wanderlust, and pint-sized businesses sprinkled across the land – all owned by the powerhouse women of Greenland. These ladies are rewriting the narrative – one entrepreneurial adventure at a time.

And the political arena? They’re owning that too. From getting the right to vote in 1948 to now having 10 strong voices in Greenland’s Parliament and even representing the country in the Danish Parliament, these ladies are rewriting history like pros. From ice to power, Greenland’s story is a testament to women taking charge and redefining possibilities.

Here are some admirable empowered women from the faraway land – Greenland.

> Kathrine Chemnitz – a woman truly empowered

Kathrine Chemnitz from Nuuk was a lady with admirable qualities. She was elected as the first woman to represent Greenlandic women in The Greenland Commission elected by the North & South Greenland’s national council, way back in 1949. She later became a champion of Greenlandic women’s education. After marriage, she got an opportunity to help establish the first women’s association in Greenland in Nuuk in 1948.

Her laurels were many. She was president of the new organization, and she later established several local women’s associations, which were combined into a national organization in 1960 with her as the chair. This association was called The Greenland Women Societies Association (APK – Kalaallit Nunaanni Arnat Illuat Kattuffiat). In 1948, she became a member of the Greenland Commission, as the only Greenlandic woman. When her position ended in 1950, she was awarded the Royal Medal of Recompense.

> Jeanne & Poul Jørgen Holm, Founders, Attavik

Attavik is the first tech startup in Greenland and is ready to go global. The enterprising couple Jeanne and Poul Jørgen Holm founded Attavik – an app that connects people and creates communication – even when there isn’t a connection. What does it do? It makes travels to remote places like the fiords safer, and it’s perfect for areas exposed to natural disasters.

> Dorthea Rødgaard & Hanne Kristiansen, Founders, Inuit Quality Clothes of Greenland

In 2012, two Greenlandic women, Dorthea Rødgaard and Hanne Kristiansen – started Inuit Quality Clothes of Greenland. Based in Greenland, they had a sincere wish to produce quality clothes, that enables the Greenlandic population to meet the Greenlandic nature.

Their aim is – to create designs inspired by the beautiful and rough Greenlandic nature; and is founded on the idea that everybody can move around – being both comfortable and natural. They introduced the first collection to the Greenlandic market in 2013, where it rapidly became a success.

In 2013, they opened their first shop in the Greenlandic capital Nuuk. Here they were able to present their collection to their customers. Later on, they introduced more collections – always focused on uncompromising motion both inside and out.

Today they design and create clothes with high quality and functionality, but always with highest respect and consideration to the Greenlandic Nature. They adapt their clothes to the Greenlandic climate with its cold winters, without compromising its function. It is extremely important for them, that their customers can move around without any constraints throughout all four seasons of the year.

> Danish Line Kristiansen &Tobias Ignatiussen, Founders, Sermilik Adventures

This unique partnership talks about – cooperation, friendship, and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Danish Line Kristiansen & Tobias Ignatiussen from East Greenland joined up and together they make a perfect team.

With their separate set of skills, they go out to ensure that tourists and visitors in East Greenland will get the best experiences. And they show, once and for all, that even in some of the most remote places, innovation and entrepreneurship is possible and can thrive!

Incidentally, Sermilik Adventures from Tasiilaq were the winners of the tourism award too.

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