Government Schemes & Incentives for Women Entrepreneurs in Uttarakhand


Uttarakhand has been evaluated to have a significant contribution towards setting up the startup ecosystem in the state. The state has shown remarkable performance through ‘Institutional Support’ and ‘Capacity Building for Enablers’. The range of impact generated through ‘Fostering Innovation and Entrepreneurship’, ‘Access to Market’ and ‘Incubation Support’ is also noticeable.

So with the Foundation Day on November 9, it seems to be a very promising background to encourage women entrepreneurship. Read about some prominent government schemes and initiatives provided for women entrepreneurs.

> Uttarakhand Startup Ecosystem

Through a Government notification, the state has defined ‘Women Entrepreneurs’ to identify and support startups through schemes and incentives.

Uttarakhand has a robust startup ecosystem and the State has extended immense opportunities, incentives and support to startups. The State is the home of premier institutions guiding aspiring entrepreneurs. The State has also set up the “CM Advisory Group” – a unique initiative by the Government of Uttarakhand to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship in the state. This group comprises experts and thought leaders who can play the role of catalysts in the growth story of Uttarakhand. Through the Uttarakhand Startup Policy 2018, the State aims at fostering an ecosystem for nurturing the spirit of entrepreneurship in Uttarakhand. The policy aims to focus on sectors like Travel and Tourism, Food Processing and Agriculture, AYUSH, Education, Healthcare, Biotechnology, and pharmaceuticals.

As per the Uttarakhand Startup Policy 2018, Startups outline a monthly allowance of INR 10,000 for one year (INR 15,000 for Startups operated by SC/ST/women/ physically challenged or belonging to Category-A regions of MSME Policy 2015. The marketing assistance is – Up to INR 5 Lakh for marketing / publicity of innovative product. Up to INR 7.5 Lakh if operating business in focus sector / run by SC/ST/ women/physically challenged / Category-A regions as per MSME Policy 2015.

> Uttarakhand Mahila Samekit Vikas Yojana

Uttarakhand Mahila Samekit Vikas Yojana was conceived to be a nursery – for experimenting with ideas about meeting the special needs of mountain women, exploiting the strengths of mountain women, and devising suitable schemes which would benefit women, particularly schemes that enable women to participate more fully in all aspects of human endeavour.

The key principles to be observed whilst formulating proposals for consideration of funding from UMSVY are: sustainability, ownership, inclusiveness, accountability, with an emphasis on
results and the projects are incremental and synergetic, implying that the project should acknowledge and take into account all the available funds and resources in the project area and should ideally build upon or integrate with existing programmes and policies. It should be
Innovative and model building, implying that the project should aim to apply fresh and new techniques, methods and technologies and aim to secure recognition, if not co-funding, from national and international institutions.

Each project should have an in built component for women empowerment activities, women’s health, and, where possible, recreation and drudgery reduction.

> Udyogini

Udyogini means Women Entrepreneur and the Government has initiated this scheme for the welfare and development of Indian Women Entrepreneurs. It works with illiterate women to improve their skills as producers and their knowledge of the markets they operate in, so that they can survive in the competitive markets. It is a registered organisation under Indian Societies Registration Act, 1860. Its mission is to provide customized quality business development services in order to enable women to enhance their income, access better education and health services for their children with a special focus on girls.

> Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI)

FICCI launched India’s first ‘FICCI for Start-ups’ initiative in October 2020, which will provide a wide range of services and benefits to the Indian start-ups. The prime aim of this initiative will be to provide a voice to start-ups in India. The vision of FICCI Start-ups is to help young Indian entrepreneurs to create a vibrant economy.

> MSME Policy-2015

Government of Uttarakhand has sanctioned the MSME Policy-2015 for mobilising investment in the MSME sector through incentivising MSMEs. The policy’s main objective is utilising local resources, generating employment opportunities, and promoting self-employment and skill development in the youth.

> Industrial Policy 2003, Government of Uttaranchal

The policy laid focus on the sectors where Uttaranchal has got inherent advantages to generate employment opportunities e.g. Tourism, Hydro-power, Floriculture, Agro and Food processing, Handloom, Khadi and Village Industries etc. The Prime Minister of India during his visit to Nainital in March 2002 announced that a special package of incentives should be given to promote Industrial Development in Uttaranchal in order to offset the constraints that hampered this process. The package was formally declared on 7th January 2003.

> Small Industries Development Organisation (SIDO)

SIDO conducts a wide variety of programmes like Entrepreneurship Development Programmes exclusively for the benefit of women. The outstanding woman entrepreneur of the year is recognised by giving a special prize for her achievements and efforts made in the world of entrepreneurs. The Office of DC (SSI) has also introduced a women cell to provide coordination and assistance to women entrepreneurs facing specific problems.

Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI) has implemented two special schemes for women namely Mahila Udyam Nidhi (MUN), a scheme which exclusively aims for providing equity to women entrepreneurs, and the Mahila Vikas Nidhi, which offers developmental assistance for the various income generating activities to women. SIDBI provides training for credit utilization and credit delivery skills for the executives of voluntary organizations working for women. In order to meet the specific needs of women and to ensure their contribution towards technology capability building, the “Technology Development and Utilization Programme for Women (TDUPW)” has been formulated by the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR).

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