Government Schemes & Incentives for Women Entrepreneurs in Odisha

Government Schemes & Incentives for Women Entrepreneurs in Odisha

One of the key development initiatives identified by the Government of Odisha is empowerment of women. And the CM – Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik has been championing
the cause. Having proved that economic empowerment of women significantly contributes to
their social empowerment, top priority has been given to helping women achieve economic
independence by enabling them to have independent employment and income.

Therefore, there are many initiatives in Odisha like the promotion of Women’s Self-Help Groups (WSHGs) under the aegis of ‘Mission Shakti’ programme, which was adopted in 2001 amongst many others that light the way for women entrepreneurship today.

> Startup Odisha Initiative
Start-up Odisha is “A New Wave of Innovation”, and is a Government of Odisha initiative that aims to develop a top-notch “Start-up Hub” in the State.

The vision is to make Odisha rank in the top three “Start-up Hubs” in India through strategic partnership, conducive ecosystem, investment and policy intervention. It supports the potential of women entrepreneurship in Odisha by promoting at least 33% of the Start-ups with Founders/Co-Founders as women. The mission is to build a complete Start-up ecosystem in
Odisha to help its development as one of India’s top three Start-up destinations. The benefits
are varied and the eligibility criteria has been elaborately spelt out too. Need-based assistance
would be provided to ‘recognized Startup entity’ towards the cost of raw materials/components and other related equipment that may be required for product development/existing product improvement. The entity must be recognized under Startup Odisha Initiative. Startups will receive a product development and marketing/publicity assistance of upto a maximum of Rs. 15 lakh from the State Government for the purpose of introducing an innovative product to the market. Read more:

> Mission Shakti
“Mission Shakti” is the self-help mission for empowering women through promotion of Women Self Help Groups (WSHGs) to take up various socio-economic activities; and it was launched in the state on 8th March 2001 on the eve of International Women’s Day. And, recently it was in the news that the Odisha Govt has extended ‘Mission Shakti’ scheme for five years from FY 2022-2023 to FY 2026-2027. The cabinet has also approved an allotment of Rs 4973.39 crore for implementation of the scheme. Read more:

With the concept of Self Help Groups (SHGs), the women are now participating in all productive activities and are at par with men. The monthly income of the women shows a rising trend, properly matching their monthly expenditure. Women, through this SHG movement have asserted a dignified position in the family as well as in the society. No doubt, the SHG movement in Odisha has been moving in the right direction. Read more:

Incentives for women entrepreneurs in Odisha

> ‘She Means Business’ Program
Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik, in collaboration with facebook launched ‘She Means Business’
Program for women entrepreneurs residing in Odisha. This scheme was helping 25,000 women
entrepreneurs and self help groups – by providing training on digital marketing skills in the time span of one year. The Government aims to empower women who have high aspirations and dream big. Training will be provided as to how to open business in Facebook and about timely delivery, quality assurance and so on.

> Odisha MSME Development Policy 2016
The MSME Department of Odisha formulated this policy for the growth and development of
MSME sector in Odisha. This sector brings in employment opportunities and develops the
economy of the state. It was announced on 22nd November 2016. This policy specifies capital
investment subsidy to MSMEs and signifies development of entrepreneurship amongst SC, St,
differently able persons and women. Read more:

> Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSME), Government of Odisha
It is obvious that the Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) contribute significantly to
value addition, employment generation, exports and overall growth and development of the
country’s economy. In Odisha itself MSME units are generating maximum employment next to
agriculture. The MSME sector is responsible for about 40 per cent of the exports and 45 per
cent of the total manufacturing output in the country. Realizing the significance, a separate
Department of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises has been created with an objective to
facilitate, promote and enhance competitiveness of MSMEs in the state. It is a State
Government initiative to rejuvenate, and drive the growth and development of the MSME sector. Read more:

> Women’s Entrepreneurship Council (IWEC)
The Indian Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Women’s Entrepreneurship Council (IWEC) organised
Women’s Business Mela 2022 in Bhubaneswar from May 4 to 8. Organised by the Indian
Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Women’s Entrepreneurship Council (IWEC), the event featured
business conferences, seminars, workshops, talk shows, investor pitches and an award-giving
ceremony, further encouraging women entrepreneurs to take up charge and forge ahead. Read more:

> Women Entrepreneurs on the Web (WeOW) initiative
Odisha is home to many women who have turned out to be successful entrepreneurs in the
recent past, dealing with commodities starting from ‘Arisha Pitha’ to cosmetics. The GBG-
Bhubaneswar, a community of business professionals sharing knowledge about Google web
technologies for business success, was launched in Bhubaneswar. As a part of its various
initiatives, GBG-Bhubaneswar has also launched its Women Entrepreneurs on the Web
(WeOW) initiative to help women entrepreneurs connect, grow their online presence and utilise Google products to launch and scale their businesses. Read more:

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