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The noth-eastern state of Mizoram is famous for its evergreen hills and dense bamboo jungles, and is aptly called the Land of Blue Mountains. The geographical diversity makes it one of the most beautiful places to visit. With its wide variety of festivals, dances, handicrafts, flora and fauna, natural scenic beauty and pleasant climate, Mizoram has much to offer.

Are you looking for exploring business ideas? We present here, some schemes and initiatives that the state offers.

> Startup Policy
A State’s Startup Policy is crucial as it provides details about essential funding, mentorship, and market access support required by startups to grow as important contributors to the State’s economy, in terms of revenue and job creation. Additionally, it also contains provisions to incentivise key startup stakeholders such as incubators, and institutions of higher education and so on – to promote holistic development of India’s startup ecosystem. With reference to the state of Mizoram, read up about the provisions given here.

Schemes and incentives

Mizoram is a highly literate agrarian economy. Apart from agriculture, forestry, education, small industries, and tourism are major important economic segments of the state. If you are an aspiring women entrepreneur, looking for business ideas in Mizoram you can check out options here.

The state of Mizoram offers immense potential for commercial exploitation of the natural resources for export-oriented industries. The climatic conditions in the state provide a conducive breeding ground for commercial exploitation of all kinds of silkworms. Sericulture remains one of the state’s key industries. And how you can exploit options – details are given here.

> State programmes
The vision of the state of Mizoram is to drive sustainable industrial growth especially in the MSME sector. It also works towards encouraging increasing value addition in various local produces and giving better income to farmers. It tries to produce a suitable environment for investment, and promotes direct and indirect employment opportunities. The mission is – to accelerate industrial development in Mizoram by maximizing investment, output, growth, employment and competitiveness through development of infrastructure, human resource, incentives and administrative support network.

There are state programmes and schemes and central programmes and schemes.

> Sports Incentive Scheme
This scheme was introduced by the Govt. of Mizoram – for encouraging the sports in Mizoram, and to ensure the outstanding sports persons and adventures are given special recognition (by giving Incentive Cash Award). This Award provides an incentive to inculcate the spirit of discipline and determination amongst the athletes and also includes extending a feeling of security for having excelled in his/her chosen discipline.

> Entrepreneurship Awareness Programmes
The concept of entrepreneurship and startups is in its infancy in Mizoram, which means there is a necessity for disseminating knowledge through entrepreneurship awareness and outreach programmes, which are conducted in all the district headquarters in the first phase and in the block and village levels in subsequent phases. All efforts are being made to promote entrepreneurship through local cable television programmes and documentaries. The scheme also allows NGOs or any other organization to organize awareness too through events; and the grant admissible per event may not exceed Rs.25000/- for an audience of not less than 300 persons. The awareness programme or campaign must include at least one talk on entrepreneurship and one experience sharing/testimony from an actual entrepreneur. At least one resource person must be one of the Master Trainers trained under EDS.

> Mizoram Outstanding Entrepreneurs Award
The Mizoram Outstanding Entrepreneurs Award is instituted to encourage local entrepreneurs, raise their business standing and showcase role models for potential entrepreneurs among the youth. The Award is open for all indigenous entrepreneurs who will be judged on their accomplishments achieved within Mizoram.

> Master Trainer Programme
The creation of a cadre of Entrepreneurship Master Trainers is for the purpose of spreading awareness on entrepreneurship within the State, as well as mentoring and handholding potential entrepreneurs. The Master trainer (Trainers’ Training Programme) aims at producing Master Trainers in the field of entrepreneurship – for percolating ideas, and focussing on the importance and roadmap for entrepreneurship development. The training focuses on building the capacity of Master trainers for creating entrepreneurship awareness through awareness programmes among youth and any given community, understanding the process of entrepreneurship development, understanding the impact of entrepreneurship in the economy, learning how to facilitate Start-ups and budding entrepreneurs, solving identified problems and helping in finding and applying new knowledge, taking action, and coping with uncertainty and challenges that may pop up along the journey.

The Government will tie up with national and international technical and research institutes of repute for the Training of Trainers courses.

> Entrepreneurship-cum-Skill Development Programm
In addition to imparting training and skilling through the Entrepreneurship Development Centre, EDS will also converge with other agencies for conducting Entrepreneurship & Skill Development Programme. The initiatives will provide funding to Institutes/Partner Agencies engaged in promoting and developing entrepreneurship in Mizoram.

> Research Funding
Provision will be made for funding up to Rs.10.00 lakh for conducting research in selected potential and high/low growth sectors in collaboration with technical/educational/research institutes or reliable agencies. The objective is to produce systematic enquiry into the dynamics of the State’s market economy, consumer behavior, industry potential etc. that could act as the basis for precision government intervention or guide to entrepreneurs and investors looking for venture avenues.

> Acceleration Programme
The Accelerator programme will include seed investment, connections, mentorship, and educational components as assistance to businesses, typically start-ups, which have moved beyond the earliest stages of getting established.

In addition to mentorship and investment opportunities, the business accelerator will facilitate access to logistical and technical resources as well as shared office space, if necessary, in collaboration with other incubation centres.

An accelerator will also connect companies to networks of peers whose experience they can learn from. The selection of businesses/start-ups for acceleration will be competition based.


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