Gandhi Jayanti 2022 (October 2): Highlighting Women Emancipation


Putting the spotlight on women empowerment, sheatwork zeroes in on the birth anniversary of the Father of the Nation, who galvanized this movement in the country leading to women entrepreneurs building their own destiny.

Gandhi Jayanti is celebrated every year on October 2, to commemorate the birth anniversary of Gandhiji, the Father of Nation who faught bravely for the freedom of the nation. Even today, this day is celebrated with honour, respect, a great amount of zeal and enthusiasm. And, to celebrate the day and pay tribute to the greatest freedom fighter and patriotic leader of the country, Indians participate without fail, in a whole lot of events.

On this day, we remember that Mahatma Gandhi was a staunch supporter of gender equality, and was a strong advocate of women’s liberalization and empowerment. As a social and political reformer, Mahatma Gandhi played an eminent role in eradicating many centuries-old, social evils pertaining to women. As a social reformer he wanted to revolutionize society and make India competent in the world scenario. And his dream has become a reality with women not remaining suppressed; today, they have emerged into the forefront of action, and are well on the way to become fully independent and builders of their own destiny. We see women entrepreneurs becoming the centre of attention, setting amazing examples to women in rural areas to follow.

Mahatma Gandhi played a vital role in bringing revolutionary changes in the status of women in the first half of the twentieth century. He believed in the liberalization and all-round development of humanity which was not possible without the emancipation of Indian women.
Gandhiji always stressed on women upliftment and he encouraged them to join in the country’s independence movement too, on a war footing. Hence the involvement of women in the non-cooperation movement was momentous and they also played a noticeable role in propagating ‘Khadi’.

Strongly believing that women are superior to men, Gandhi had immense faith that women have a bigger role to play in the political, economic and social emancipation of the country. He believed that women are responsible for crafting and shaping future citizens of India. Quite rightly so. For today, they are leading the business scene too with their start-ups, which is incidentally, having a direct impact on the economy of the country!

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