Florida’s Business Boom: Why Women Entrepreneurs Are Flocking to the‘Sunshine State’

In the Spotlight: Some enterprising women entrepreneurs from Florida

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In the dynamic universe of business, Florida stands out as a beacon of opportunity – specially for enterprising women entrepreneurs. With its favourable tax climate and booming economy, the ‘Sunshine State’ has become an attractive hub for new ventures. According to WalletHub’s report, Florida ranks as the third-best state for starting a business, thanks to its impressive real GDP growth rate exceeding 4%. This economic vitality, combined with no corporate income tax on limited partnerships and subchapter corporations, makes Florida a fertile ground for startups and innovation.

‘Sunshine’ State Pioneers: Women Entrepreneurs Shining in Florida

The state’s allure doesn’t end with its economic indicators. Florida is home to four cities – Miami, Orlando, Tampa, and Jacksonville – that rank in the Top 10 among the largest U.S. cities for startup environments. These cities offer a vibrant ecosystem for entrepreneurs – characterized by a supportive community, access to capital, and a wealth of networking opportunities. And, for women entrepreneurs, this means a landscape ripe with potential for growth and success.

Florida’s business-friendly environment is complemented by its diverse and dynamic population, which fuels creativity and innovation. The Sunshine State’s cultural richness provides a unique backdrop for women-led businesses to thrive, offering products and services that resonate with a wide array of consumers.

As we celebrate the enterprising women entrepreneurs of Florida, it is clear that their success is a testament to the state’s supportive infrastructure and vibrant economy. Whether launching tech startups, boutique retail stores, or innovative service companies, women in Florida are redefining what it means to be a successful entrepreneur in the modern era.

Let us look at some enterprising women entrepreneurs from Florida.

> Made Coffee, Co-Founder, Taylor Prater

For those who live in the Tampa area, must have definitely tasted ‘Made Coffee’. Co- parented by Taylor Prater, these baby blue cans of nitro cold brew have indeed, become a recognizable product in the local community. 

Taylor and her partner created Made Coffee – to promote a healthy, active lifestyle & curate a portable beverage MADE for their Florida family. Made specializes in canning Cold Brew and Nitro Brew ready to drink coffee. Their focus is on the quality of the liquid in the can and the beautiful aesthetic that surrounds it. Currently they’re in distribution to 80+ retailers around Tampa Bay and Sarasota.

Taylor and her team have not only made their coffee brand a local success, but they’ve branched outside of Florida all the way up to Virginia. In fact, one can find their crafted caffeine in Publix, Sprouts, and Whole Foods!

> Chinca Swimwear, Founder, Jeniffer Gonzalez

If anyone is looking for a woman-owned business in Tampa that sells swimwear, the spotlight will fall on Jeniffer Gonzalez’s Chinca Swimwear collection that will make you feel right at home (or, you know, on the beach!).

Not only is Chinca Swimwear fashionably appropriate year-round here in Florida, but there’s a purpose behind Jeniffer’s designs. She feels that more than a brand, Chinca is a friend who will inspire you to feel magical!! “My purpose is to show you that real life is not perfect as we are made to believe and that your differences make you unique,” she reveals.

> Brittany Ranew, Owner, Brittany Ranew Real Estate  

Brittany Ranew is an established reputable real estate agent and owner of Brittany Ranew Real Estate. With her expertise, she guides clients in finding their dream homes, apartments or commercial properties. Her extensive knowledge of the local market, combined with her exceptional communication skills, ensures a seamless and stress-free transaction. Besides being on top of being able to tell you where to find the best roof-top bars in Tampa, she can really point you to the best (and most profitable) places to relocate to in Florida!

Besides, she launched a podcast called “St. Pete Soul” because she strongly feels that the heart and soul of any community are its local businesses. The podcast’s entire goal is to showcase St. Pete’s local businesses, and she wants to spotlight what makes St. Pete unique by telling the stories of the small business owners.

> Felicia Marshall, The Meet Suite 

Meet Felicia Marshall and her genius idea for The Meet Suite.  She is a renowned expert in the digital marketing industry, specializing in analytics and data-driven strategy. Her work focuses on helping businesses optimize their online presence and make data-driven decisions. The Meet Suite offers cutting-edge digital marketing solutions – including data analytics, campaign optimization, and customer journey mapping. By integrating her expertise with innovative technology, she and her team empower businesses to drive growth, improve customer engagement, and stay ahead of the competition.

This modern meeting space in Brandon, Florida, is perfect for locally-owned businesses, especially professionals and entrepreneurs.

Its light and modern design is ideal for: Connecting and collaborating with your team through meetings, private events, workshops, classes, and is a quiet space for content creation.

> Erica DiAngelo, Founder, DiAngelo Law 

Erica DiAngelo is a strong advocate for women business owners. In fact, she started her law firm, DiAngelo Law, to protect business owners. She can help you with: avoiding costly legal battles, laying the foundations for business growth, contracts, Trademark registration & Intellectual Property.

Erica knows exactly what it takes to be a woman-owned business owner in Tampa. She took some time to find a way to merge her passion for entrepreneurship and personal growth with her skillset as a lawyer. But, once she moved to the Channel District in the heart of Tampa, FL, she became immersed in the flourishing startup ecosystem, and the road ahead became very clear!

> Michelle Bradley, Owner, Tax Pro of Tampa

Michelle Bradley is a Tax Pro of Tampa, offering tax preparation, planning, and representation services to individuals and businesses in Tampa, Florida. She has expertise – in handling various tax issues, including individual and business income taxes, estate planning, and tax disputes. Actually, she operates a streamlined tax preparation service under the name – “Tax Pro of Tampa”. Her specialties include: Tax Preparation, Bookkeeping, and Payroll.

With her professional guidance, clients can ensure tax compliance, minimize tax liabilities, and maximize tax savings. If you’re in need of reliable and personalized tax services in Tampa, consider consulting Michelle Bradley, the Tax Pro of Tampa. So, it is quite logical that after you’re done with your legal business needs, talk to the Tax Pro of Tampa, Michelle Bradley!

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