Fathers Can Help Their Daughters Realize Their Dreams…

Father's Day

This morning, like all other mornings, I woke up with my phone buzzing on the receipt of the
very first message of the day. It was 5 a.m. and I knew it was a message from my father. It
read, “Always do the right things, no matter what others say, it is you, not them who will
face the consequences!”
These enlightening messages from my father keep me strong and
upbeat every single day. He is my North Star and on the darkest days, when I feel
inadequate, unloved and unworthy, I remember whose daughter I am and I straighten my
crown. Indeed, a father’s unconditional love and undying support can be the unseen
strength which enables his daughter to stand tall…even in troubled times. Where would we
be without our fathers? The question evokes spine-chilling thoughts which we would rather
not voice!

I believe, a father is neither an anchor to hold us back, nor a sail to take us there, but a
guiding light whose love shows us the way. Although allotting a day to salute the courage
compassion and care of fathers, isn’t enough, yet we celebrate ‘Father’s Day’ on the third
Sunday in June every year to reiterate their importance in our lives, especially in the lives of
women entrepreneurs. Today, on June 19 th , 2022, as we once again celebrate these unsung heroes, we take a look at how fathers can help their daughters realize their
entrepreneurial dreams –

>Kindling the entrepreneurial spirit – A father can open floodgates of opportunities
for his daughter through his experience and wisdom. The family has the potential to
be a breeding ground for entrepreneurs and may be key place where the
entrepreneurial spirit is ignited. Often the entrepreneurial spirits of women dwindle
off into a trickle and finally die! The reason being, thoughts which prevent them
from taking the leap of faith on the entrepreneurial path. At such times, only a father
can re-assure you and give u the push toward pursuing your dreams.

>Funding your dream and enabling you to be you! – Often birth family can affect
daughters’ business identity differently. They may either discourage their
entrepreneurial career because they are women or implicitly asking them to subdue
their femininity identity to become an entrepreneur. Daughters cope with gender
stereotypes accepting or opposing them by adopting a passive or active approach.
However, when they decide to start their own business and feel free to be
themselves, fathers can be the pillar of support by offering their daughters financial
aid which would enable them to launch their start-up.

>Cultivating the ‘never-say-die’ attitude – Whether it is strong work ethic, their
never-give-up attitude or their advice to just believe in yourself, fathers do know the
secret recipe for a better future ahead. He can definitely be the inspiration for
starting your own business, but more importantly he can teach you minute details
which will help you survive and thrive in the tough corporate world.

>Setting examples to follow – It is often easier said than done! If you want to raise
entrepreneurs, they need to see an example of someone that works hard. Entrepreneurship goes beyond 9-5 and your girls need to see that. Again, a father when proves himself to be a “risk taker” empowers his daughter to become the same. She will learn from his practical ways. Undoubtedly, as an entrepreneur women will have to work with lots to risk, and the courage to do so comes from their fathers. When a father takes the bulls by the horns and moves forward without fear, he instils a fearless spirit in his daughter too.

>Converse clearly and teach them how to solve problems – One of the top traits that
women entrepreneurs need to have, is the ability to solve problems effectively. A
father can be the friend, philosopher and guide, who has more life experiences.
Using this experience, fathers can teach children to think creatively limitlessly. Also,
having an honest conversation with your father can often lead you to resolve
problems at hand and be better prepared for unforeseen circumstances. Help them
learn from failure. Every business owner has to learn to bounce back. The faster you
can learn and do this, the better off you will be. Fathers can talk through the
outcome and what their daughters can do differently next time while on their
entrepreneurial journey. If they can learn to brush off failure and move on, they will
be well-prepared for the challenges they may face as an entrepreneur.

Finally, I wish to quote the example of two Jamaican-born entrepreneurs, Vincent HoSang
and daughter, Sabrina HoSang-Jordan, owners of Caribbean Food Delights, who are the
recipients of the prestigious Ernst and Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year Award, New York.
The event celebrates the entrepreneurial spirit and innovation and the father-daughter duo,
HoSang and HoSang-Jordan were recognized for inspiring innovation and fuelling growth
and prosperity. So, dear women, do what it takes, because your father has your back!

As I conclude, I remember an advertisement aired on television by Dhara Cooking Oils, with
the tag line of “ My Daddy Strongest!” Indeed, there is only one strong father in the world
and every woman has him!

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