Falling in Love with Entrepreneurship (The Spark That Leads to Entrepreneurship)


On Valentine’s Day (14 February, 2022), Sheatwork scrutinizes ‘love’ that makes entrepreneurship a success: it is all about the romance of creating a new business. And, it is time to celebrate the courage of those who try to achieve their dreams!!

Celebrating love is trending and we have been seeing the social media alive with messages, memes and what have you. Whether you love Valentine’s Day or not, one thing’s clear: it’s celebration time. 

Tracking the history behind it, Valentine’s Day was a religious celebration, an ancient ritual day. But it evolved over centuries, and changes have breezed in. Today, you can just celebrate yourself  with chocolates or flowers, or express your love and appreciation for people in your life – like colleagues, friends, family or romantic partners. 

So, celebrate the day of love just how you want, even if it’s just through self-love. And, for entrepreneurs, who love what they do. It’s indeed, a day to toast their passion and love of their worklife!

Falling in love with being an entrepreneur

Here are some reasons on why entrepreneurs love entrepreneurship.

  • Love freedom:  There is nothing like not having to answer to anyone! Here you are free, as the running of your business totally lies in your hands.  You can chose your team and get them to work like you have planned. Plus, you have the freedom to work and take a break too – if you need a break.  You do not have to ask for permission to go spend time with your friends, family of just spend some alone-time; you can go out, hangout and have all the fun you want. You do not have to stress out about work and not doing your job.
  • Love being creative: Being absorbed in your creativity, can really drive your passion about the work you choose to do. An entrepreneur can unleash his creativity and, if there is no chance to be creative, it can be very hard to stay motivated.  Unfuelled creativity can really help steer the company you started all the way to the top!

  • Love networking: If you are in business, specially in a startup, you have to network. Whether it is real estate or retail or any other business line, it would be beneficial to meet and interact with people within your range, so that you can share ideas and also see how to work together. You can increase your customer line or work out ways to broaden your base and move forward.
  • Love to work @ your own schedule: You can make your schedule everyday. You will be able to dictate when to work, when to be ‘in the office’, when to conduct meetings, etc. – you are totally free to decide. And, if you want some freetime off, you can very well take it; you will not be able to do this if you are working for someone else.
  • Work with people you love: One of the major benefits, being an entrepreneur, is the ability to pick and choose your team and also your business partners. It is no use to be stressed out by having clients that drive you crazy or to hire employees that either don’t deliver. Teaming up with the right people is key to a happy working relationship, especially when you are calling the shots! As an entrepreneur, you will love working with other thought leaders who work to create an impact in the business world (and, it’s not just about the money).

  • Love creating opportunities for others: As a full-time entrepreneur, you get to open up opportunities for people that deserve them and want them. It is wonderful to be able to have people around who love what you are building and want to be a part of it. That will add not only success to your business but it will also bring in sheer joy in what you are trying to achieve. That can be amazing and rewarding!

  • Love being the boss: Being the boss is good, but it comes with challenges, for sure. Being known as someone that is ‘leading the way’ for a company and those involved in that company – can be a huge ego boost. But, don’t go overboard, and remember to keep it in check- stay focused and make sure that you deliver on promises (to staff & clients), and then you will fly!

  • Love to stand by your strong beliefs: Being an entrepreneur also gives you the chance to stand up for what you believe in, and spread the word. You can attend or speak at many conferences and business events – to elaborate on the relevant strategies that you believe every business owner should be engaging in – to build their businesses. This can benefit the industry at large.
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