“Entrepreneurship: The Comedy Show (Some Fun Facts)


On World Entrepreneurs’ Day – August 21, sheatwork looks at “Some Fun Facts” on a day which has been coined to celebrate innovation and empowerment of entrepreneurship and leadership globally.

> Business Attire Redefined: Pajamas, sweatpants, and mismatched socks – the new power outfit that screams “CEO.”

> Caffeine is Your Spirit Animal: The local barista knows your name, your order, and your entire business strategy. Your blood type? Espresso, of course!!

> ‘Market Research’ AKA Social Media Scrolling: Your competitors? They’re all on Instagram, sharing memes and validating your ‘research’ methods.

> Zoom, Camera, Action!: Your Zoom background transitions from boardroom to beachfront, and back to your living room, in seconds.

> Time Bending Feats: Turning a 5-minute brainstorm into a 2-hour idea marathon. Who needs time travel when you have deadlines?

> Nap Strategist: Power naps are the secret mantras. They’re not sleeping; they’re strategic rejuvenation sessions.

Entrepreneurship might be a rollercoaster, but at least you’re strapped in with your favorite PJs and a never-ending stream of caffeine.

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