Entrepreneurship is an Integral Part of Economic Well-Being & Stability in Russia

In the spotlight: Some enterprising women entrepreneurs from Russia

Looking at the history of entrepreneurship in Russia, it is quite brief. In the Soviet period entrepreneurial activity was almost completely prohibited; however, in the last 2 decades of economic freedom in Russia it has triggered much entrepreneurial activity.

As we are aware of the plus points of ‘entrepreneurship’ – that it creates additional jobs, contributes to the country’s GDP, increase tax revenues to the country’s budget, etc. Entrepreneurship is an integral part and a highlighting indicator of economic well-being and economic stability in Russia.

The well-being of the population of the country, as well as the competitiveness of Russia on the international stage depends on how effectively entrepreneurship is developed within the country. And significantly, during the 2000s, the number of Russian women who owned their own businesses increased exponentially.

Here, we are presenting some enterprising women entrepreneurs from Russia.

> Marina Kolesnik, Founder & CEO, Oktogo.ru

Originally from St. Petersburg, Marina Kolesnik was a consultant at McKinsey and a manager at DataArt before launching her own online travel company in 2010 – Oktogo.ru. Since then, Kolesnik raised $15 million in venture capital from Skype’s founding investor, Mangrove Capital Partners and VTB Capital. And, she is striving to make Oktogo.ru the leading Russian online hotel-booking company.

> Natalia Sindeyeva, Founder and CEO, Dozhd TV

A graduate from the Stockholm School of Economics in Russia, Natalia Sindeyeva was general producer of the Serebryanny Dozhd (Silver Rain) radio station in Moscow for 14 years. In 2009, Natalia ventured into TV business by launching the Dozhd TV channel. It is now one of the most popular independent TV channels in Russia. Dozhd TV’s media partners include-  online business daily Slon and weekly city magazine Bolshoi Gorod.

> Marina Malykhina, Founder and CEO, Magram Market Research

A graduate of the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, Marina Malykhina founded her company Magram Market Research in 1997 when she studied economics. Magram, which contracts interviewers nationwide, is one of the major market research agencies in Russia. In 2006, she co-founded Republika, a chain of fitness clubs. Interestingly, she is also a TV host.

> Inna Alexeyeva, Founder and CEO, PR Partner

PR power woman Inna Alexeyeva launched her own PR company – PR Partner, six years ago. Focused on IT, finance, real estate and consumer goods, PR Partner has become a top independent PR agency in Russia. Last year, she joined the IPRN network and launched her own PR conference. Based in Moscow, Alexeyeva often travels to Ukraine and Kazakhstan to run PR workshops for big corporates.

> Alena Vladimirskaya, Founder and CEO, Pruffi

It was in 2010, that Alena Vladimirskaya founded her recruitment agency – Pruffi . Previously, she headed recruitment for a major Russian Internet group and managed an online job search project. On behalf of Pruffi, Vladimirskaya releases salary analytics and ratings.

Her career took several unimaginable turns which ultimately brought her to a well-known and highly-respected position. Today, she is one of the leading headhunting expert in Russia, as Founder and CEO of the recruiting company Pruffi, and its counterpart, Pruffi Friends – a social app where you can recommend your friends for a job and get rewards.

> Maria Podlesnova, Founder & CEO, Rusbase

Maria Podlesnova is the founder and CEO of Rusbase, a media site focused on tech and entrepreneurial.

Founded in October 2012, Rusbase is the key entrepreneurship publishing house in Russia & CIS consisting of media rb.ru (tech & business, 2 mln MAU), services for startups & VC’s (Data, Community, SME B2B-Marketplace) and events.  

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