Entrepreneurship in broadcasting: women redefining the narrative


On July 23rd, India commemorates National Broadcasting Day. The day aims to honour the profound influence of radio in our lives. This significant day marks the inception of India’s first-ever radio broadcast.

National Broadcasting Day is actually a celebration of the power and influence of broadcasting in our society. On this day, we pay tribute to the mediums that bring news, entertainment and information into our homes every day. From radio to television to the internet – broadcasting has shaped our culture and connected us in many ways. Of course, it is evolving today, with ‘digital’ as the new normal.

Radio, TV, OTT and so on …have all caught up with us. We remain enthralled. Anchors, RJ have been popular, and now influencers are on the rise on Radio + Digital.

Of course, the most attractive asset of RJs and anchors is that they connect, and each one has their own inimitable style; and they also have fun and enjoy with the listeners. In fact, no other medium enjoys this level of intimate connect with its consumers. In the age of Digital creators and social media influencers, the voice of RJ influencers is really a distinct and powerful one.

One important aspect that has been changing the face of radio is the way women leaders are redefining the narrative of the industry; they have been breaking the old mould and creating an impact in the media industry. Their unique points of view and creative inputs have led to strategic decisions that have changed and evolved the face of radio and digital.

In fact, the increasing number of women in the Indian entertainment industry is enhancing the quality and visibility of creative and fresh content. Women across the world are shaping industries by stepping up and taking on larger strategic roles. A decade ago, we would not have imagined this, and everything would have sounded like a fairytale! But now, while some women are making their presence felt and breaking the glass ceiling, and many others have taken the road less travelled to become entrepreneurs.

The transformation from traditional media to digital media, got a quick acceleration as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. And, it has effectively changed the narrative of how women are perceived in the entertainment industry. They have moved up, raised the bar and they are stepping up and launching their own ventures too.

Thanks to a growing economy, Indian entertainment sector is growing. With the rise of social media and video sharing platforms like Youtube, female representation is huge. We have many popular YouTube channels on different topics like – Girliyapa which has an all-women team, and is one of the leading entertainment channels in India, committed to break the image of stereotypical Indian women. Nisha Madhulika’s channel is a very popular Indian culinary platform on Youtube, which mostly focuses on vegetarian recipes, exploring food from all regions of India. The list is becoming longer and longer!

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