Entrepreneurial Valour: The Role of Risk Tolerance for Women


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In a world where diversity is celebrated on the International Day for Tolerance, women entrepreneurs embody the essence of acceptance and appreciation too. The entrepreneurial journey, much like the spirit of tolerance, requires a unique trait – risk tolerance. International Day for Tolerance on November 16, 2023, serves as a clear reminder of the pivotal role risk tolerance plays in the success of women entrepreneurs.

The UN General Assembly initiated the International Day for Tolerance – to embed this principle in educational institutions and society at large. UNESCO’s Declaration of Principles on Tolerance, crafted in way back in 1995, further solidifies the commitment to fostering tolerance worldwide.

International Day of Tolerance is a great opportunity for you – to think back and recall. When was the last time you had a different perspective than one of your friend’s? When was the last time you’ve had to learn something about someone else’s culture?

Tolerance is respect, acceptance and appreciation of the rich diversity of our world’s cultures. In fact, it is the common theme for International Day for Tolerance.

So, tolerance, in the broader sense, is about respecting and appreciating the diversity of cultures, expressions and ways of being human. In the entrepreneurial realm, risk tolerance mirrors this ethos. It’s the disposition and capacity to embrace uncertainty and potential loss, while at the same time, pursuing business goals and opportunities. And, for women entrepreneurs, this becomes a defining factor in navigating the myriad challenges of the business world.

Why risk tolerance is key to entrepreneurs’ success?

Risk tolerance is not merely a business concept. It is actually a mindset that incites entrepreneurs to move forward. It’s the boldness to challenge norms, embrace uncertainty, and venture into the unknown. For women entrepreneurs, risk tolerance is an indispensable ingredient for success.

Whether at the early stages of building a company or contemplating the entrepreneurial leap, risk tolerance determines the trajectory. It’s the force that propels individuals beyond comfort zones, fostering resilience, intelligence, and often, a dash of luck!

On this International Day for Tolerance, let’s celebrate the women entrepreneurs who, with their power for high-risk tolerance, break barriers and redefine norms. And continue to do so. Their journey is in fact, a testament to the intertwined nature of tolerance and risk-taking, proving that embracing uncertainty is the key to unlocking the extraordinary.

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