Ending the year on a high- Tips to boost holiday sales amid the pandemic


Someone has rightly said, “Autumn shows us how beautiful it is to let things go!”

The pandemic has shown us strange times and the future is uncertain. While we are witnessing paradigm shifts almost every day, by now, i.e., December 2020, we seem to have learnt to embrace challenges and make the best out of them, letting go of the past! Everyone is looking for distractions from the pandemic to provide a little pre-COVID normalcy. It is time we give families something to look forward to, so that, in all positivity, all can welcome the ‘holiday season’ with open arms. Today, I bring you some tips which will help entrepreneurs, especially in the travel industry, to enhance their marketing efforts to boost sales and also make consumers well-acquainted and ready for this holiday season.

  1. Be creative – The 2020 holiday season will be different – more digital across the board and I can foresee that shipping products will be an absolute nightmare this year. You must keep your stocks ready to face the increase in demand and strategize how you will counteract this; brands can be more flexible and creative during this time to come out with ideas ensuring on-time delivery of products along with small complimentary gifts for clients, keeping the festive spirit alive.
  • Cash on the concept of “Self-gifting” – Self-gifting is expected to rise as people treat not just loved ones, but themselves as well, after a tumultuous 2020. Positioning your brand around this point to help clients to splurge on themselves this year will stand you in good stead. For example, travel entrepreneurs can give special discounts and privileges to single travellers, thereby not only promoting the idea of ‘self-gifting’ but also encouraging social distancing a wee bit more. 
  • Strike now – the iron is hot! – It is that time of the year when consumers become extra enthusiastic about shopping, and thus it is a great opportunity to boost your sales and revenue. Now is the time when brands need to swing into full action and take advantage of changing consumer habits. Your business strategy should be re-aligned in such a way so as to reflect holiday shopping forecasts. Consumers are experimenting with new brands and outlets like never before and finding new options online – make sure you grab their attention. Planning eye-catching advertisements, campaigns and going digital will make sure your brand does not go unnoticed amidst all the other promotional ruckus created by competitors.
  • Give your website a festive makeover – The fatigue that the pandemic and societal issues are creating in our lives is taking a toll on our mental health as well. Under such circumstances if brands can provide clients with a festive feeling, through their unique and colourful landing page, announcing sale periods and offers, they are bound to be widely accepted and wanted!
  • Opt for an apt marketing strategy – Today, we are living in a world which has been compelled to stay distant. In such times, entrepreneurs have the task of connecting with one and all in order to stay active and relevant. Fortunately, digitization has helped vastly. Online marketing strategies are in vogue and you can indulge in e-mail marketing, social media marketing (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc) and list your brand in search engines as well. This said, off-line marketing has always been there for further advertising. You can advertise through radio, television, local newspapers and sending out flyers telling consumers about sales, discounts and festive offers your brand is rolling out. Remember, consumers will buy only when they are aware about your brand and products. Therefore, marketing strategies are crucial to boost sales, especially during the festive season.

The pandemic has caught us off-guard and we have temporarily lost the  ability to plan our lives in big ways perhaps, but we can certainly plan the ‘little things’ and enjoy them to the fullest. We must remember to have fun on the way, as we tread ahead towards the ‘new normal’.

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