Empowering Excellence: Women Entrepreneurs Redefining Business in Cyprus

In the spotlight: Some enterprising women entrepreneurs from Cyprus

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In the heart of the Mediterranean, Cyprus stands as a testament to the immense potential that thrives within its internal entrepreneurial ecosystem. And, nestled within this vibrant landscape are some remarkable women entrepreneurs, who have defied the odds and are shaping the island’s business narrative. Here, we celebrate the resilient spirit of these women, who have not merely weathered the challenges of a small market but have emerged as trailblazers in their respective fields.

From buzzing software to the realm of vegan food, each woman on this curated list has woven a unique story of passion, innovation, and triumph. Despite the island’s size, these visionary leaders have shattered stereotypes, proving that the Cypriot entrepreneurial spirit is going all out. Their journeys not only underscore their individual triumphs but also serve as inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs, encouraging them to pursue their dreams unapologetically.

Let us explore the empowering journeys of Cyprus’ extraordinary women entrepreneurs, whose indomitable spirit has left an indelible mark on the local business landscape. Apart from that, let us acknowledge that it resonates beyond the island, inspiring women worldwide to seize their entrepreneurial destinies.

> Elena Georgiou Strouthos, Co-Founder & CTO Cocoon Creations

Elena Georgiou Strouthos studied Computer Science at the University of Cyprus & the University of Manchester. She is Co-Founder & CTO at Cocoon Creations, an agency renowned for its specialization in software platform design, development & consultation. Prior to
establishing Cocoon Creations, she had a rich experience in the IT sector of the hospitality industry.

In addition to her corporate roles, Elena was an executive Board Member of Cypriot Enterprise Link and She held the position of team lead for hack {cyprus}, a prominent online community of technologists in Cyprus, and the pioneering force behind the nation’s inaugural hackathon. Additionally, she is the host of the “Breaking the 20%” podcast – a unique platform dedicated to exploring the historical contributions of women in the technology field. Plus, her role as a
Women Techmakers Ambassador, highlights her dedication to promoting women’s achievements in tech.

> Fezel Nizam, Co-Founder of Gron Vegan Kitchen

Right from the start, Fezel Nizam felt they were a “rebellion,” for they actually set up a vegan kitchen on ‘Butcher’s Street.’ Incidentally, Grön Vegan Yard, the first and only vegan restaurant in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, started as a small kitchen in the Old Market place inside the walled city of Nicosia.

With a planned, creative use of social media, she and Co-owner Nazar Eriskin livened up the desolate street, while steadily growing their customer base.

Soon word spread – in a culture so dependent on meat, which was inspiring! Then they moved to Alashia Inn. They view the restaurant as both a business and a platform where we can actively engage with customers.

Grön is a safe haven of delicious food for – vegans, vegetarians, aspiring vegans or those who wish to learn about eating without involving animals. Indeed, it is a concept foreign to traditional Cypriot cuisine, which consists of a host of dishes involving non-veg

> Maria Lavithi Howard, Founder, Heroes Made

Founded by Maria Lavithi Howard, Heroes Made is a ‘Software as a Service’ solution that solidifies a learning platform for children to be able to take lessons online in the form of a virtual classroom. At the same time, they stay immersed in a full-blown digital world where not
all heroes wear capes, unless they’ve graduated!

The purpose at Heroes Made is very clear – to constantly keep serving the well-being and self-improvement of anyone who interacts with them – be it, children, teachers, and parents.

Their vision is – to “contribute to creating a world where the next generations of adults navigate their lives in improved societies with genuine effectiveness, being resilient and competent, capable of standing up to things in the face of difficulties and fear, and keep
moving forward on their own volition”.

They have engineered this platform to require zero preparation; which means giving more time for teachers to teach and students to learn.

> Julia Constantinidou, CEO @masterfulcreationsfurniture, Founder & Director at CISN, Founder & Director, @Culture

Julia Constantinidou is an Industrial Designer passionate about creating user-centred, practical solutions, with a large focus on designing consumer electronics within the health and wellness field, and medical products.

Julia is also Founder & Director at CISN (Cyprus Independent Students’ Network). Started in 2014, CISN (Cyprus Independent Students’ Network) provides a networking platform for students studying either in Cyprus or abroad. It is an initiative from members of Cyprus Independent Business Network (CIBN), who offer their assistance and support and has been welcomed by a lot of university students.

She is also Founder & Director, @Culture. Here it involves promoting the culture and traditions of Cyprus – by organizing seminars, congresses and other events in agrotourist places. In collaboration with the Center for Promotion of Traditional Products, they organize
various fairs whereby local producers can exhibit and sell their traditional products.

Earlier, she was also Co-founder & Director, CIBN (Cypus Independent Business Network). The Cyprus Independent Business Network (CIBN) was established in May 2012 – to provide an
independent business development platform for businesses in Cyprus to interact and network together.

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