Empowering Entrepreneurs Through Sports: Celebrating National Sports Day in India – Rashtriya Khel Diwas


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On August 29th, India celebrates National Sports Day – Rashtriya Khel Diwas, a day dedicated to promoting the significance of sports and physical activity in the lives of people of all ages. Beyond its goal of fostering a culture of sports and teamwork, this day serves as a tribute to the remarkable achievements of the late Major Dhyan Chand a legendary figure in Indian hockey and a symbol of excellence in sports.

Major Dhyan Chand’s prowess on the hockey field remains unparalleled. Born on August 29, 1905, his contribution to India’s hockey dominance at the Olympics, securing gold medals consecutively in 1928, 1932, and 1936, cemented his legacy as a sports icon. The celebration not only honours his birth anniversary, but also acknowledges and pays homage to all accomplished athletes, who have brought glory to the nation.

Connection between sports & entrepreneurship

Interestingly, this day also serves as a reminder of the strong connection between sports and entrepreneurship. A study by EY and espnW, titled “Why Female Athletes Make Winning Entrepreneurs,” sheds light on the parallel skills developed by women in sports and how these traits contribute to entrepreneurial success.

What are these traits?

Confidence, the first winning trait, is a cornerstone for both athletes and entrepreneurs. The assurance athletes display in their abilities translates into a vital success factor for scaling businesses. Similarly, single-mindedness and focus, nurtured by athletes in the face of challenges, are critical for entrepreneurs to navigate projects from start to finish.

Passion, an inherent quality in athletes, resonates equally with entrepreneurs, driving them to compete and excel. Leadership, a skill learned through sports team dynamics, is pivotal for entrepreneurs aiming to build and lead high-performing teams in their business endeavors. And finally, resilience, the ability to bounce back from setbacks, serves as a guiding principle for both athletes after a tough game and entrepreneurs in overcoming business hurdles.

As we celebrate National Sports Day, we not only honour our sports legends, but also draw inspiration from their attributes that empower entrepreneurs to conquer challenges, build successful businesses, and create a winning legacy of their own.

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