Do not complicate – keep entrepreneurship ‘simple’


Is ‘being simple’ all that that effortless and easy? Or is there an evolved version which leads to desired results?

When you are an entrepreneur, you very well know what you want; and you go all out and get it. This is what is unique. Take a reality check. Your futuristic mindset and goals shape your entrepreneurial journey. But, remaining in the present is what will make your future achievable. Keeping it simple, in other words.

National Simplicity Day is observed on 12 July every year – to honour Henry David Thoreau, who endorsed a life of simplicity. How do you celebrate a simplicity day? National Simplicity Day is celebrated by taking a step back – and simplifying your life; by taking inventory of everything that you have and then deleting items that are no longer valid or useful.

Elaborating on simplicity

As an entrepreneur, you interconnect and network to create new margins and trends, creating new demands and new sectors in the market. The path they take is unconventional, and sometimes people do not understand. But, often, the path leads to monumental change. That is, quite simply put.

Simplicity can take you a long way. The key to keeping entrepreneurship simple is to not get caught up in your own thinking. Keep your thoughts grounded, in the present while you work towards your futuristic goals. The pivotal aspect of being simple is – being mindful of everything you do. Being simple, raises the bar for entrepreneurs.

Why simplicity matters

By keeping it simple, you can have the greatest impact and create the most value. Simple is power. Simplicity comes out from the synthesis of experience and wisdom. Simple is natural, easy, nice, unpretentious. It often happens that great lessons of life, which are full of wisdom, spring from simple concepts.

Simplicity is a powerful tool that can make your workplace more effective and creative. There’s an effective marketing tool any business can use for virtually no cost – the “keep it simple and straightforward” (KISS) method. This can improve the relationship between your company/brand and stakeholders like consumers, shareholders etc. It can increase your team’s creativity, and minimize complications within the workplace too.

The simpler we can make things, the more efficient we become – which will steer us to forge ahead to achieve better results, with less effort and probably faster. The more we practice simplifying things, the better we will become at it – until it becomes part and parcel of our personality.

Is simplicity the key to success?

Well, by focusing on what is truly important, eliminating what’s unnecessary, and streamlining processes, businesses can achieve greater efficiency, clarity, and ultimately, success.

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