Digital Innovations Spearhead Wildlife Conservation: Unveiling the Role of Women Entrepreneurs


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World Wildlife Day, celebrated on March 3rd every year is actually is a global call to action. Originating from the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora in 1973, this day serves as a reminder of our shared responsibility to protect the planet’s biodiversity. The theme for 2024, “Connecting People and Planet: Exploring Digital Innovation in Wildlife Conservation” underscores the critical role that technology, particularly digital innovation, plays in shaping the future of wildlife conservation.

In our inter-connected world, where over 66% of the global population has access to the internet, the digital divide is narrowing, providing unprecedented opportunities for leveraging technology in conservation efforts. This year’s theme not only recognizes the impact of digital tools on wildlife conservation, but also emphasizes the need for sustainable and legal wildlife trade and improved human-wildlife relations.

Prime Minister Modi, in his Mann ki Baat address, acknowledged the significant contribution of young entrepreneurs in developing innovative solutions for wildlife conservation and eco-tourism. The integration of technology, such as drones developed by Rotor Precision Group in collaboration with the Wildlife Institute of India, showcases how entrepreneurial ventures are actively contributing to the surveillance and protection of wildlife habitats.

Moreover, initiatives like the ‘Bagheera’ app developed by a Bengaluru-based company demonstrate the innovative use of technology in wildlife tourism. This app, employed in various Tiger Reserves across the country, monitors vehicle speed and activities during jungle safaris, contributing to responsible tourism practices.

Women entrepreneurs leading the way

Women entrepreneurs are at the forefront of this digital revolution in wildlife conservation. They bring innovation, creativity, and a commitment to sustainable practices. As we explore the intersection of World Wildlife Day and women entrepreneurship, it becomes evident that the digital era offers a unique platform for transforming passion into action and opportunities into a shared, sustainable future.

Digital skills have become instrumental in various aspects of wildlife conservation. From advanced research methodologies to effective communication, tracking, and DNA analysis, technology is enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of conservation efforts. In the entrepreneurial landscape, women are not only embracing these digital tools but also leading initiatives that harness technology for the greater good of our planet.

For women entrepreneurs, World Wildlife Day signifies not just an opportunity to celebrate the planet’s rich biodiversity but also a chance to showcase how their ventures are making a positive impact. These entrepreneurs are adopting eco-friendly practices, sourcing responsibly, and leveraging technology to innovate within their industries.

As businesses strive to be more eco-friendly, women entrepreneurs are leading the way. They are incorporating sustainable materials, implementing reduce-reuse-recycle policies, and adopting renewable energy sources. The ripple effect of these small yet impactful changes is contributing to a more significant cause – the protection of wildlife.

On this World Wildlife Day, let’s celebrate the strides made in digital innovation for conservation, applaud the women entrepreneurs driving change, and commit to collective efforts that ensure a harmonious coexistence of people and wildlife in our interconnected digital world.

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