Certification courses – To do or not to do – that is the question!


In the competitive world we live today, a smart business professional looks for ways to loop in benefits and growth opportunities. One method to reach that goal is by taking a business certification, as, this can make your skills stand out and aid in channelized thinking and implementation of ideas. Let us narrow down a few benefits of adding the feather of a certification course to your business hat –

1. Gives your startup  a jumpstart – COVID-19 has paved way for numerous opportunities and created fertile grounds for startups in our endeavour to become ‘Atma Nirbhar’. Leveraging the opportunity, many startups are sprouting up and certification courses are providing them not only with some added knowledge about their business needs but also the confidence that they need to go ahead. These courses validate your knowledge and skills in particular areas and provide you an edge over others during the employment process as well.

2. Bridges the gap between knowledge and skills – Certification courses, provide a glimpse into the real picture of the business world and make it more relatable. College graduates, who enter the business world with theoretical knowledge often benefit by participating in certification courses. They have the theoretical knowledge of subjects but lack the skills to work for production-ready environments and more often than not, are clueless about market related needs. This is where training programs and certifications come into play as they help in bridging the gap and facilitating the alignment of young professionals with the market.

3. Proves your readiness and reliability – Certifications prove as a trusted framework to demonstrate that you are job ready. Both, the training course as well as the certification aid to boost your career by making your expertise and skills relevant and accredited. Moreover, certification programs also offer hands-on training that lets you try and test the technologies and enhance your skills by participating in real-life scenarios. They provide a quick gateway to climbing up the corporate ladder, by proving that you have the required expertise to do a particular job; which otherwise, would have taken years to gain the experience and prove the skills to your superiors.

4. Puts you in the league of ‘specialists’ – Completion of certification courses stamps the fact that you have added knowledge about the topic and puts you within the bracket of ‘specialists’. By validating that you possess the latest information and techniques of performing your duty, these courses also portray your commitment towards your work, your zeal to learn more and keep yourself updated. These courses are a means of upskilling people; which is a very important requirement today, when the nation is endeavoring to become self-reliant.

5. Creates better opportunities for you – By now it is evident that trainings and certification courses do have a positive impact on one’s career. They impart specialized knowledge and equip individuals with skills specific to technology and the market. You are twice likely to loop in more financial benefits for your business when you have the knowledge and skills provided by certification courses backing you!  

There are numerous certifications which will verify your knowledge and expertise, thereby influencing your business growth in a positive manner. However, moving up the certifications ladder is not a cakewalk and may cost a good amount as well. Thus certification courses should only be opted for after much deliberation about the amount of money and time which needs to be invested and the value or worth it will add to your already existing potentials.

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