Celebrating Tourism that Attracts Women Entrepreneurship


On 25 th January every year, National Tourism Day is celebrated across the country. One may not be aware of the fact that India dedicates a day to tourism. But, this should not be a surprise! It should be an eye-opener actually, because when you look at it, India is a treasure trove of exquisite tourist destinations. Take the mountains, hills, forests, sea beaches and more that the country can boast of. Celebrating the India National Tourism Day, is an amazingly incredible way to spread awareness about the importance of traveling and protecting nature. It’s all about going ecstatic with the sheer joy of travelling!

In fact the subcontinent has a huge array of offerings of Nature – shimmering beaches with glistening sand, magnificent towering mountains covered in snow, and adventurous green forests displaying of rare and beautiful flora and fauna. Every waterfall, mountain peak, desert or forest is indeed, unique and we cannot actually fathom how beautiful India is!!

Tourism boosts economy

Looking at the economy, it can be seen that tourism gives a major boost to the economy of a nation. That was why the Indian government established January 25 as the National Tourism Day – to raise awareness about the importance of tourism for the country’s economy. So, tourism is vital for the success of many economies around the world. There are several benefits of tourism.  Apart form giving a huge boost to the economy, it can create thousands of jobs, it can develop the infrastructures of a country, and it can also create and establish a sense of cultural exchange between foreigners and citizens of a country.

Paves the way for entrepreneurs to establish new products & services

Besides, it allows young entrepreneurs to establish new products and services. Tourism can thus, play an important role in improving the level of entrepreneurship in developing countries. Therefore, governments should aim to further develop the tourism industry – to support a more sustainable entrepreneurship development.

Look at the benefits that are evident in the tourism business sector. Entrepreneurship in the tourism industry can play a vital role – first, in eradicating unemployment. Being a service-focused industry, it can act as a business for creation of employment opportunities. It can generate massive profits not only for the business owners, but also the society and the nation as a whole. It is seen that the tourism business has very often helped out the entrepreneur who belongs to a deprived background; it helps them to find employment and improve their quality of life too. So, entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship motivate business innovation and economic growth.

Women entrepreneurship drives tourism development in many destinations. Since, tourism industry is one of the key industries to drive a nation’s economy, it has become a really novel idea for women entrepreneurs to take up. And, to sustain the tourism industry it requires a substantial long- term government support, extensive training, research and planning – to grow and flourish.

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