Celebrating ‘Kidpreneurs’: They are unstoppable!


Children’s Day is observed across India on 14 November every year, which marks the birth
anniversary of the country’s first Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru. What are the celebrations on Children’s Day? We are familiar with this, as we witness very year, celebrations across various educational forums and many motivational events that are also organised for children, all across the country.

Fondly known as “Chacha Nehru” among children, the former Indian PM advocated an
enterprising education system for all children, as he considered children as the real strength of a nation and the very foundation of our society.

Celebrating kidpreneurs
On this day, we point out that many young entrepreneurs – ‘kidpreneurs’ are making a big
difference in our country today. Seriously, it seems that age is no barrier – to embark on
something really out-of-the-box. We are now discussing the kids who are running startups in
India, and quite successfully. They have stepped out, to break the stereotypes and have carved
out unique startups of their own. In other words, it seems the potential is there, which actually
moulds children to grow into kidpreneurs.
Meet Divya Gandotra Tandon, Founder & Director: Scoop Beats Pvt. Ltd. She entered the
business world as a YouTuber, when her interest in technology pushed her to uploading and
reviewing videos on her YouTube account – to help people understand what they are
purchasing. She founded TheScoopBeats, a news and media organisation, after realising she
could do more in terms of giving the proper information to her fans. Boasting of 90,000+
followers on social media, she is now a full-fledged Instagram influencer with over 20,000
followers. While she chases her ambition, she has grown to be a multi-talented young female
entrepreneur in India, and her experience spans across domains like celebrity management,
social media management, and more.
Sreelakshmi Suresh, Founder, eDesign, TinyLogo is another example. She runs her
start-up and is a young web designer and CEO. She has bagged many national and
international awards too. Incidentally, she started climbing the success ladder at the tender age
of 10, by establishing her own venture called eDesign Technologies. Basically, this website
company offers services like website design, website development, SEO and logo
designing. She has moved ahead and has developed over 100 websites for organizations
across India. It’s difficult to imagine – but when she was in 4th grade, she was entrusted with
the work of developing a website for her school!!

Toeing the line, is Aahana Jain, Founder of DOMA. She is in her teens and it was during the
COVID phase that she initiated her start-up, which is in the business of producing double-sided
masks. Aahana saw the struggle young children faced while wearing ill-fitting masks during the
global pandemic. She immediately saw it as an opportunity – to start a business by making
masks specially made for children.
Watching their trail, we can see that how they are determined to succeed. Here’s wishing them
all the best on this auspicious day!

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