Celebrating International Day of Cooperatives: July 6, 2024


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On July 6, 2024, the world comes together to celebrate the International Day of Cooperatives, a day dedicated to honoring the co-operative movement’s rich history and its significant contributions to society. Since its inception in 1923 by the International Co-operative Alliance and formal recognition by the United Nations in 1995, this day has always celebrated the power of collaboration and shared prosperity.

Cooperatives: Building a Better Future for All

This year’s theme, “Cooperatives Building a Better Future for All,” underscores the essential role that cooperatives play in achieving sustainable development goals (SDGs) by 2030. In fact, cooperatives are unique entities that combine economic success with social responsibility; they empower individuals through democratic ownership and offer an inclusive approach to business, ensuring that all members have a voice in how the enterprise is run.

Cooperatives: A Force for Economic and Social Good

Cooperatives are more than just businesses; they are community pillars that drive economic growth and social progress. By enabling members to pool resources and share risks, co-ops provide a model for sustainable and inclusive economic development. They facilitate access to markets, reduce costs for small-scale producers, and ensure that profits are equitably distributed among members.

In the business environment, cooperatives play a crucial role by allowing more people to participate in sectors of the economy that might otherwise be inaccessible. This inclusive nature not only promotes economic stability, but also fosters community cohesion and resilience.

Empowering Entrepreneurs through Cooperatives

For entrepreneurs, cooperatives offer a unique platform – to start and grow their businesses. Cooperative societies assist small businesses – by providing access to affordable raw materials, reducing production costs, and offering a direct market for their products. This support is invaluable for small-scale entrepreneurs, who might struggle to compete in a traditional market dominated by large corporations.

The Future of Cooperatives

As we approach the 2025 International Year of Cooperatives, declared by the UN – the momentum for celebrating and expanding the cooperative movement continues to grow.

This year’s celebration, the 102nd International Cooperative Day and the 30th UN International Day of Cooperatives, highlights the enduring relevance and transformative potential of cooperatives in today’s world.

On July 6, let’s celebrate the cooperative movement’s legacy and its ongoing contributions to a sustainable, inclusive future.

The International Day of Cooperatives is not just a day of celebration; it is a call to action for everyone to recognize and support the vital role of cooperatives – in building a better world. By embracing it, we can create a future where economic success and social responsibility go hand in hand, benefiting communities and fostering a more equitable society.

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