Entrechat with Usha Jha

Petal Craft Founder USHA JHA’S attempt to carve out an identity for herself as a woman entrepreneur way back in the 1990s is an immensely inspiring tale for women who…
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Entrechat With Amrit Ahuja

Amrit Ahuja
“A mentor empowers a person to see a possible future, and believe it can be obtained.” ― Shawn Hitchcock Studies about the impact of mentorship consistently show that mentored employees…
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Entrechat With Priyanka MB

The past two years have brought the importance of mental well-being into the limelight, albeit under unfortunate circumstances. Today, mental health has become an important part of the public conversation,…
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Entrechat With Shormishtha Ghosh

She loves to do things differently and take up new initiatives and this is what drove Shormishtha Ghosh, towards entrepreneurship. A development economist from the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology…
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Entrechat With Srishti Raai

“Women entrepreneurs in mindsets need to embrace and embody our natural strengths. More specifically in India, we need to have bold visions, build the ability for consistent action, use our…
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Entrechat With Tarini Malhotra

Tarini Malhotra
The pandemic has exposed the true colours of development– the playing field is far from level! However, the crevices in the ecosystem are perceived by the optimistic lot as opportunities;…
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Entrechat with Anjali Dimri

Anjali Dimri
A yoga instructor is a certified yoga teacher who conducts classes with groups of people which involves meditation and yoga poses. Today, Team Sheatwork avails the opportunity to deep dive…
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