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An entrepreneur always seeks change, locates it, responds to it and exploits it like an opportunity of a lifetime! Such has been the journey of an IT professional who swapped her career in search of an exciting change. I talk of none other than Pankhuri Gandotra, Founder & CEO at Writings On The Wall. Entrepreneurship gave her the opportunity to work on endless possibilities and the result is a flourishing E-commerce home decor brand from India with an exclusive product range for us to choose from. Today, in a free-wheeling chat with me, Poonam Sinha, she opens up about what kicked off her entrepreneurial activity, the challenges she faced, how she brought about a difference in the service provided, and valuable words of wisdom for budding entrepreneurs……

Quote – “Be true to what you do. Rest all will fall into place”

Ques. Why did you decide to take up entrepreneurship?

After spending 15 years with major Software MNCs at senior management positions, I felt a strong desire to do something more challenging and build something of my own for that sense of belongingness. Thus began my entrepreneurial journey……

Ques. What, according to you, are the strengths that a woman entrepreneur should possess?

Women already possess many strengths which can make them an impactful entrepreneur. We already know how to multitask, plan, run and manage things, which is kind of inherent for us. We only need to focus our energy on our goals and in the right direction, and we are halfway there already!

Ques. What challenges did you face on your entrepreneurial journey? How did you overcome them?

The major challenge was to find the right people to work with. The industry I work in is very competent and it takes time to find who is the best resource to team up with. I guess this is a constant process and a challenge what we all keep facing and the only way out is to maintain focus and have patience. Right people will always come your way if you are looking for them.

Ques. What sets your business apart in this competitive market?

We focus on exclusivity and taste of our target customers. Our product range is vast and designer, with varied pricing so that everyone can find something that they can elevate their space with. This I believe sets my business apart from the rest.

Ques. Any tips for a woman entrepreneur starting out today?

It’s very common for women to face and deal with gender biases. Since we cannot control someone’s thought process, so don’t let anyone’s negative thoughts bother you. Believe in yourself and stand tall with your eye on your goal. Being an entrepreneur is a journey you should cherish, and don’t forget to give yourself the due credit which you absolutely

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