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Pailan Group of Institution is one of the renowned and leading educational flag-ships in Kolkata, currently under the leadership of Moon Moon Saha who constantly endeavours to take the brand name to greater heights. Serving as the Vice –Chairperson of Pailan College of Management and Technology, she is one of the women entrepreneurs striving to uplift the quality of education in our nation. She graduated with specialization in International Business (MBA) from Adelaide University, Australia and the thorough knowledge of business and vast work-experience she gathered there, have helped her reach where she is today!

A feminist and a firm believer in women empowerment, she perceives education as the only weapon to train an agitated mind that can be liberated with knowledge. Today, I, Poonam Sinha, have the privilege of bringing forth her views and story for the audience of SheAtWork.

Quote – “Education is the only weapon that can be used to train an agitated mind, and liberate it with knowledge.”

Ques 1. What led you to embark on this entrepreneurial journey?

Ans. My father is a great visionary who built this educational conglomerate. I have learnt the art of business primarily from him, and then from my formal education. My father hand held me all the way. Having the ‘business gene’ in me has enabled me to follow in his foot-steps and am trying to make a mark as a woman entrepreneur, in this business world.

Ques 2. What challenges did you face in the process?

Ans. The challenges were many, but so were the opportunities behind each one of them. From braving fierce competition in the business world, battling the stringent mindset of the society, to, adapting to the constant changes that have occurred in the field of education and business during the covid & post covid era, I have done it all! I firmly believe that one can become composed and complete by facing challenges, and hence I have always welcomed challenges as an integral part of my personal as well as professional growth.

Ques 3. What according to you is the role of an ‘education entrepreneur’ in society and how do you fulfil the same?

Ans. There is a difference between product and service entrepreneur. As education entrepreneur one has to be very careful in every step as we are dealing with the future of the country and the world. Shaping the society through right education and humanity should be the prime focus. For this, it is important to on board a highly motivated team of faculty members who can play the role of mentors to the students. Along these lines, I am striving to creating institutions of learning empowered by robust faculty who will curate students endowed with ethics, relevant skills and knowledge and high moral values.

Ques 4. What advice would you give to other women who wish to follow in your footsteps?

My advice to budding women entrepreneurs, in any field, would be – “ Follow your dreams , and success will follow you”.

Ques 5. What are your future plans?

In the near future, I aim to add to our present infrastructure to further enhance it. Pailan Group of Institution will be coming up with a Technical University, a Medical College and an International Cruise Management College as well. My plans are big – and I intend to implement them very soon!

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