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The irrefutable power of words has always been supreme but sometimes they do not express (for various reasons) what lies beneath. Here a graphologist’s role becomes essential in decoding what written words may not express completely. In tandem with this opinion, I believe, the most important responsibility a graphologist shoulders is to “listen” to the deeper message of the handwriting with an open mind and thereafter, comprehend it with clarity and empathy. This knowledge can further be put to good use – to reveal, educate, guide, heal or comfort people. Today, we have with us, Ishha Singh, a certified graphologist, handwriting and signature analyst, and certified Drawing and Doodle analyst, with more than 2 years of experience and over 90% accuracy in gauging what the hand-writing says.

Quote – “Graphology is one of the most effective ways to comprehend and inculcate changes. It is quick and effectual.”
Ques. What is graphology all about?

Ans. Graphology has a Latin origin, in which ‘Graph’ means to write and ‘logy’ means science. It is the scientific technique of analysing one’s handwriting to determine his or her character, strengths and weaknesses, inherent skills, qualities, behaviour, thought, process, self confidence, energy, fears, and insecurities.

Ques. Why did you select it to write your career chart?

Ans. It is very interesting to know that no two people have the same handwriting. Not even twins have the same handwriting. This is what fascinated me since my student life. Later I explored it further to find that Graphology is a science in itself. Since then, I knew that I want to work with people and for their betterment through handwriting analysis. For this, I pursued a professional course and learned from the renowned graphologists of the country.

Q3. Did you face any challenges while setting up your practice?

Ans. Yes indeed, I did face many challenges. In fact, there were two major challenges before me. First was the task of getting people to trust benefits of Graphology, and secondly I had the feat of encouraging people to write using pen and paper, an art which unfortunately, has been usurped by gadgets. I had to conduct series of events including one to one interaction to explain to people about the importance of writing as it is best exercise for our brains. Also, through my analysis, I was able to gain the trust of people by making them aware of some surprising facts about them which were earlier unknown to them.

Ques. Do you see any special traits reflected in the handwriting of women entrepreneurs?

Ans. There is no gender wise analysis of handwriting. As far as entrepreneurs are concerned, their handwriting reflects leadership qualities, courage, ability to say ‘no’, risk management, self esteem, straightforwardness and good decision-making ability.

Ques. Where do you aspire to be 10 years down the line?

Ans. Ten years is a very long time, and by then, I plan to transform atleast 10,000 lives through their handwriting analysis. I aspire to inform them about the changes they can make in their handwriting to gain H-R-C-M – health, relationship, career growth and money.

Ques. Could you share some tips for other women who wish to follow in your foot-steps?

Ans. Every woman, professional or home maker, should have basic knowledge of Graphology. This will help her take care of herself, her family and her profession in a much better way. I would love to help them in learning the basics of Graphology. For those who wish to pursue career as a Graphologist, I will suggest them to take up courses by experts. They can also reach out to me at selfwrite09@gmail.com.

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