Capture the wonders of nature: Putting your own spin to every click!


Nature Photography Day is celebrated on June 15 to learn more about nature. And we can enjoy capturing nature at its very best, over the warm summer months. Nature is all around us, and we are free to capture it in any way, in our own style. Whether you’re a professional photographer, or even if you’ve never captured nature before, you can make an attempt to become a happy clicker this Nature Photography Day!

Photography falls into different categories and photographers also follow selected paths. The day is celebrated to honor the photographers who are passionate about Nature Photography. Nature is fascinating and today, Nature is a controversial topic with global warming and other phenomena which are top-of-mind. People also pursue ‘nature’ adventures – to capture the beauty of Nature through the camera lens. And social media is full of it.

Tracing the background, Nature Photographers around the world formed the North American Nature Photography Association (NANPA) in the year 1994, and the association started with a group of 100 nature photography enthusiasts. It was in 2006, that the first Nature Photography Day was celebrated, when the Nature Photographers got together to celebrate the day first on June 15, 2006. Since then this day is celebrated every year.

NANPA encourages people around the globe, to enjoy their day by using a camera to explore nature. Nature photography allows us to form a deeper connection with our environment – helping us appreciate the beauty of our world. It encourages us to take off on the beaten path and explore new locations, while it also helps us develop a greater understanding of the ecosystems that surround us. So, Nature Photography Day serves as a reminder for all of us to step outside, immerse ourselves in nature, and share our experiences with others.

Can an entrepreneur be a photographer?

Entrepreneurs have a passion for their work. They have the ability to create something out of nothing. They are people who are willing to take risks!

Professional photographers or entrepreneurs?

Many professional photographers are also entrepreneurs, because they have the knowledge and skill to set up their own business. To succeed in the photography profession, there is a lot of research involved like is the case, in setting up any business. You have to know what type of equipment is best for a particular job, how to put yourself out there, and you may need funding too. The work does not stop once you get a new client. Each photographer is different. He or she has to be an artist with vision and tenacity to put your own spin on things, even if that means being extra creative with your compositions or shooting angles. Being an entrepreneur consists of sticking to your vision, even if you get negative feedback.

Like an entrepreneur, you will be taking charge of your own business, as a photographer. As an entrepreneur, you must be able to think out-of-the-box and develop new ways in which to do things that may not occur to others. This creativity actually goes hand-in-hand with the work of a photographer. And, if your venture fails you will not have anyone to blame!!

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