Can teachers make the best entrepreneurs?

Can teachers make the best entrepreneurs? -SheAtWork

On World Teachers’ Day (September 5), sheatwork looks at where would we be without our teachers? Since they are driven by passion (not money), and they play many roles & have great communication skills etc they could be great entrepreneurs too!

Today, we see teachers launching their own startups that have transformed the educational landscape. In fact, great educators, unhappy with outdated books are attracted by technology to produce new products that are transforming lives.

Really, where would we be without our teachers?

The founder of Alibaba Group – Jack Ma is the most well-known case of tech-industry teachers who became a hugely successful entrepreneur. A lecturer of English and International Trade at Hangzhou Dianzi University, he transformed into the eighth richest tech billionaire in 2016 (as Forbes named Ma). Another legend today is Steve Wozniak who teamed up with Steve Jobs, to co-found Apple, which has created history in the business world. After teaching computer technology to fifth graders in Silicon Valley he grew to become one of most outstanding businessman today. .

Education technology market has taken off. And teachers, who turn pioneers in this market do make great entrepreneurs. What are the reasons?

Sales and marketing are natural skills. Take Steve Jobs, who had the magic power to convince everyone to make the impossible, possible! He sold the Big Idea to colleagues, investors and customers by convincing them.

Great teachers don’t just teach; they make students believe that they can do it; they make it fun too. The magic of great teaching is part substance, part entertainment – like great sales and marketing.

Communication skills are on top. It makes you both effective and accurate. Teachers and entrepreneurs have to consistently stay in contact with the students/clientele. And, when it comes to communication, teachers do it naturally. The powerful skill of communicating can put them ahead of other entrepreneurs. The art of communicating features in all aspects of business! If your vision for the business isn’t clearly communicated to your team, then you’ll never get your business to take off.

A business’s success largely depends on its ability to deliver a clear and concise message. On the same note, a business that can also receive criticism, understand and even anticipate the needs of its market will do well.

Teachers can easily handle any hurdles or setbacks. Part of the “risk” of taking on or starting your own business is the ‘unexpected’. Teachers are prepared to expect different perspectives, ideas, opinions, and even temperaments. So, the value in bringing the skill of mediating a classroom into a business is huge!

If your business plan goes off-track, it will not bother you much. Apart from your plan, you can handle any situation in class. Most first-time entrepreneurs would panic at any change and unexpected situation. Teachers, on the other hand, move ahead to try again, undaunted. Don’t forget, on a philosophical note, life and business can turn out to be just one big classroom!!

Mentorship is your major role.  A teacher is a dependable mentor for students, constantly guiding them to success. They go into their work with a purpose in mind, and their only bottomline is – to guide the success of their students and the value and positive change that knowledge can bring.

Business should be, more than ever, riddled with purpose and service (and not the principles of bureaucracy and politics like it is today). Most importantly, a teacher-turned-entrepreneur can begin to change the business economy not because of skill but because of passion and a need to do what is right.
You can turn your vision into a reality – not just for yourself, but for all the people who your business will positively impact. Whether you realize it or not, you, as a teacher, were made to be more than just an educator. Your leadership is what it takes to run a great business!

in an economic world, where the only thing that seems to be valued is the bottomline, the business market can certainly benefit from a teacher’s perspective and value system.

Around the world, there are many success stories of teachers, who became successful entrepreneurs. So, if you are a teacher, you can ask yourself – What is it that you want to do, to move beyond the typical classroom setting? Any certain ambitions or goals? Your time has come – act now!

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