Bridging Healthcare Inequities: the Fight Against Cancer


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This year World Cancer Day, usually observed on February 4, resonates with a powerful theme: ‘Close the care gap: Everyone deserves access to cancer care’. It is not just a call to awareness but a collective call to action, urging individuals and communities worldwide to unite their voices and make a difference.

The heart of this movement, the “Close the Care Gap” campaign, is a dedicated effort to address the disparities in cancer care globally. It emphasizes the need for fair and equitable healthcare, devoid of cultural biases or discrimination.

A poignant reality surfaces – cancer, affecting women across various stages of life and entrepreneurship, brings forth a unique set of challenges. Amidst treatments, these women entrepreneurs showcase remarkable resilience, often turning their journeys into inspirations for many. Navigating businesses through virtual means, seeking mentorship, and accessing vital resources become paramount for these women on a mission.

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Despite relentless adversity, here’s someone’s journey that can inspire cancer survivors and who face various challenges. Putting the spotlight on the story of one woman who went from cancer survivor to entrepreneur.

Meet Anchal Sharma, a cancer survivor who transformed adversity into a life-changing mission. At 32, she discovered a lump in her breast, but instead of succumbing to despair, she embraced a new purpose. Anchal’s awakening came at a traffic signal where she encountered kids begging. Rather than offering money, she took them to a restaurant and treated them to good food, an act that revealed the harsh social stigma they faced.

She disclosed that she “carried on the food distribution activities through the toughest of times during my cancer journey. Serving meals to the needy and less privileged gave me strength to overcome these difficult times”.  She added – “I have a purpose in life, and it is this purpose that makes me stronger by the day. Though we were able to achieve so much, there is still a lot more left to do, and funds are required to make this a reality”.

So, determined to make a difference, she founded the ‘Meals of Happiness Charitable Trust’ in 2017. In two years, the NGO served over 2 lakh meals to slum kids, and today, it continues to combat hunger through community kitchens and donations. Anchal’s journey proves that even in adversity, a purpose-driven life can emerge, empowering others along the way.

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