Breaking the mould: Portugal’s pioneering women entrepreneurs shaping tomorrow

On centre-stage: Some inspiring women entrepreneurs from Portugal

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In the sun-kissed landscapes of Portugal, a quiet revolution is taking place. And it is led by the indomitable spirit of women entrepreneurs. Despite grappling with challenges like pandemic-induced wage disparities and a persistent gender pay gap, Portuguese women are not just breaking glass ceilings; they are indeed, shattering stereotypes.

In fact, the nation stands as a beacon of progress in the Euro-Mediterranean region. It has taken remarkable strides in gender equality evident not only in politics but also in the entrepreneurial arena. Portugal boasts an impressive 30% representation of women in Parliament and an even more commendable 40% in Government; this is a testament to the nation’s commitment to empowering women at the highest echelons of leadership.

The entrepreneurial landscape, too, echoes this commitment. According to the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, Portugal showcases a noticeable ratio, with six women for every ten men entrepreneurs. This statistic catapults Portugal to the sixth position globally, outshining countries like Spain, Italy & Ireland.

Let’s now delve into the stories of these pioneering women. And as we do this, we unravel the tapestry of resilience, innovation, and determination that defines Portugal’s women entrepreneurs.

> Inês Franco Alexandre, Co-Founder at Reformers

Inês Franco Alexandre is both an activist and entrepreneur. She is Talent Activator Manager at @GirlMoveAcademy, an entrepreneur and an ideas generator. She is Co-Founder at Reformers. She is passionate about social impact, and one of the 100 young Portuguese women in the Global Shapers 100 Opportunities project. Enthusiastic about life, and constantly learning and new experiences, she feels privileged to be surrounded by extraordinary people. Keen to generate change through her work, she is extremely happy that she is working to reduce any
inequalities of opportunity.

> Camila Rodrigues, Founder & Manager, Mulheres à Obra (Women at Work)

Sociologist and Political Scientist, Camila Rodrigues has a specialised interest in gender equality and female sustainable entrepreneurship.

Besides, she is Founder and Manager of the cooperative platform of female entrepreneurs Mulheres à Obra (Women at Work). She is also Researcher at the Portuguese Institute for International Relations (IPRI – Faculty for Social and Human Sciences of the New University of Lisbon).

> Jwana Godinho, Founder, Access Lab

Jwana Godinho is backed by a rich experience of over 20 years in the music industry as a label manager (in Portugal and UK) and as a Talent Buyer in Portugal. Since 2017, she has dedicated her time to building bridges between social impact and culture. In 2022, she co-founded Access Lab, a Social Impact Company working on creating accessibility for deaf and disabled audiences in music and entertainment.

> Alexandra Machado, CEO, Girl MOVE

Through an intergenerational support model, Alexandra Machado selects young women with big change making potential; and then she equips them with the tools, mentorship, and networks needed to become leaders in their fields. Her dream is of a world in which every single girl knows she has a say in her life and a role to play in society. So, she is devoted to ensure the end of child marriage and pregnancy in the world’s developing countries; and to guarantee every woman has a chance not only at graduating and working on her dream job, but also at becoming a changemaker herself. Her involvement in Girl MOVE is making this happen – through a structured, continuous and inspiring one-year programme on Leadership and Social Entrepreneurship centred on today’s young women, who will be the mothers
and leaders of tomorrow.

> Irena Leca, CEO & Co-Founder @ Nooka Space

Irena Leca, CEO & Co-Founder @ Nooka Space is totally involved in creating fully automated workspaces with Nooka´s Smart Pods & Technology.

As a company, they help real estate owners monetise underutilized spaces and achieve 70% yearly yields through our proximity workspace solutions: from smart office pods to a tech stack that transforms any brick and mortar space into a smart spaces available for booking on demand (totally unattended).

> Joana Pinto, CEO & Co-Founder @ Clynx Health

As a seasoned biomedical engineer with a keen business mindset, Joana Pinto adds a dynamic blend of technical expertise and entrepreneurial vision to business strategy. With a drive for growth and innovation, she feels that becoming Co-Founder of Clynx Health was one of her achievements.

Clynx helps healthcare providers optimize their Physiotherapy experiences and expand their responsiveness, through a digital gamified solution that can be used in the healthcare unit and at home.


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