Brazilians Blaze the Entrepreneurial Trail on Independence Day


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On Brazil National Day, a vibrant entrepreneurial spirit lights up the country’s landscape. Every year on September 7th, Brazil commemorates its Independence Day, marking the historic moment in 1822 when it broke free from the United Kingdom of Portugal, Brazil, and the Algarve. But beyond the grand celebrations and parades, Brazil’s entrepreneurial ecosystem shines just as brightly.

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Brazil has established itself as one of the world’s most entrepreneurial nations. More than 40% of Brazilian adults are actively involved in starting or running businesses, apercentage that has steadily risen since 2011. The entrepreneurial fervour has become a hallmark of Brazilian society.

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What’s even more remarkable is the growing enthusiasm for entrepreneurship among Brazilians. The country ranks third in the world for the percentage of people who view entrepreneurship as a positive career choice. Entrepreneurs are held in high regard, ranking ninth out of 60 countries surveyed by GEM. Approximately one-quarter of Brazilian adults aspire to launch their businesses within the next three years.

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However, Brazil’s entrepreneurial landscape isn’t without challenges. The economic recession of 2015 prompted a shift in the reasons behind starting a business, with more entrepreneurs doing so out of necessity. This period also witnessed a surge in registrations for a new company type aimed at female micro-entrepreneurs. Unfortunately, it coincided with significant job losses at small businesses and a shortage of high-growth companies.

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Despite these hurdles, Brazilian entrepreneurs remain optimistic. The journey, however, isn’t easy. Stifling red tape and high taxes continue to pose significant obstacles. While efforts are underway to reduce bureaucracy, progress has been slow. Additionally, inadequate infrastructure and limited investment in research and development hinder the full potential of Brazil’s entrepreneurial spirit.

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So, on this Brazil National Day, let’s celebrate not only the nation’s history but also its remarkable journey of entrepreneurship. Brazilians have embraced the entrepreneurial spirit, surmounting challenges with resilience and determination, as they pave the way toward economic empowerment and innovation.

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