Beyond the Northern Lights: Unveiling the Success Saga of Alaska’s Women Entrepreneurs

In the spotlight: Some enterprising women entrepreneurs from Alaska

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Alaska is witnessing a remarkable surge in women entrepreneurs, emerging as integral contributors to the state’s small business landscape. From outdoor recreation to technology, health &wellness, women entrepreneurs are making their mark across diverse sectors. Some visionary leaders featured here, exemplify the entrepreneurial spirit driving Alaska’s economic growth.

Beyond individual success stories, the women entrepreneurship ecosystem in Alaska is fortified by various supportive organizations and programs. Entities like the Small Business Administration and the Alaska Small Business Administration play pivotal roles in providing resources and guidance. Moreover, women’s business organizations such as the National Association of Women Business Owners and the Women’s Business Center actively foster a collaborative, positive environment for aspiring and established women entrepreneurs.

In this northern frontier, women are not merely participants; they are architects of their business destinies.

So, let us enter the thriving world of women entrepreneurs in Alaska – exploring their diverse ventures, the challenges they overcome, and the support systems propelling them towards success.

> Jessica Kane, Founder & CEO, Quandary Coffee

Jessica Kane is the Founder & CEO of Quandary Coffee – an entrepreneurial coffee company based in Anchorage, Alaska. The company specializes in roasting and selling high-quality coffee beans, coffee gear, and brewing equipment.

She is a third-generation entrepreneur who learned about roasting coffee from her grandfather; and, quite significantly, she brings her passion and knowledge of coffee to Quandary Coffee. The company has become an established part of the Anchorage coffee community and has won awards for their roasted coffee beans.

> Linda Conchetta, Owner of Aches and Gains

Linda Conchetta founded Aches and Gains Fitness Studios in 2010 and has many locations in Alaska. She is dedicated to providing residents of the state with high-quality fitness programming, personal trainers and state-of-the-art equipment.

She is passionate about the health and wellness industry, constantly innovating and expanding the studio’s offerings. Her commitment has helped Aches and Gains become a premier destination for fitness enthusiasts in the Anchorage area.

> Jill Ramiel, Co-owner, Silverbow Inn

Jill Ramiel is the co-owner of the Silverbow Inn, an establishment located in Alaska with her husband, Ken Alper. Prior to moving to Alaska and establishing the Silverbow Inn, Jill had previously resided in New York.

What is unique is that the historic Silverbow Inn is a European kind of place – a cultural center whose lobby has a mix of period photos and posters advertising arts events. It serves strong coffee, fresh bagels with salmon from a nearby smokehouse, shows independent films and is expanding.

> Sharon Elizabeth Athas Coté, Owner of SBH Services, Inc Anchorage, Alaska

Sharon Elizabeth Athas Cote is the owner of a construction and trucking business that operates in Alaska. As a construction and trucking business, it specializes in building and transporting heavy equipment and materials.

Her construction and trucking business, SBH Services is 51 percent owned by women. They make a big difference in Alaska, where U.S. government contracts on military bases and for infrastructure projects and deals can be struck, to increase business.

The company specializes in providing construction for various clients, including residential and commercial properties. Additionally, they offer trucking services for project management and logistics. SBH Services is committed to providing high-quality services using experienced and skilled professionals.

> Pamela Manderson, Founder &CEO, Alaska Private Touring

Founder Pamela Manderson, also known as “The Tour Lady of Fairbanks,” is the Founder and CEO of Alaska Private Touring, a luxury tour operator that provides exclusive and customizable travel experiences in Alaska, Canada, and the United States. Backed by 19+ years of experience in the travel industry, she is well-known for her knowledge of the region’s unique cultural and natural attractions.

It is significant that she has lived in Alaska since she was 3 years old. And she has a long history in the tourism industry. Having previously worked in a job getting Alaskans out of Alaska she was unsatisfied with that career; so, she changed gears and ended up on a path that allowed her to start Alaska Private Touring.

Her tour company caters to visitors seeking an in-depth, guided visit to Alaska, but the USP is that it is away from the crowds and typical ‘bus’ tours. Each itinerary prepared is custom-designed with guests’ specific interests in mind. Whether people are traveling independently or with the entire family – their specialty is to create the ideal Alaskan experience that they will always remember. They prefer to refer to themselves as – ‘Alaskans selling Alaska,’ and this is what sets them apart from their competition.

Incidentally, they can be a great choice for the solo female traveler, a couple, a family group or work colleagues.

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