Beyond Profit: The Unconventional Journey of Social Justice Entrepreneurs


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The focus extends beyond addressing societal inequities to celebrating the pivotal role of women entrepreneurs in driving meaningful change, on the World Day of Social Justice, marked globally on February 20. Established by the UN General Assembly, this day emphasizes the pursuit of – justice, equality, and solidarity.

It promotes gender equality, indigenous peoples and migrants’ rights. This day also focuses on achieving the goal of full employment and social integration. On 26 November 2007, the UN General Assembly declared 20 February as the annual World Day of Social Justice; and in 2009, this day was first observed. According to the World Summit, social developments are aimed at social justice, solidarity, harmony, and equality within and among countries. No doubt that social justice, equality & equity constitute the fundamental values of all societies.

In the realm of entrepreneurship, women are effecting change not only through their innovative businesses but also by championing social justice causes. These trailblazers are breaking barriers, creating opportunities, and fostering inclusive environments. As self-directed leaders, women entrepreneurs are uniquely positioned to set standards that align with principles of equity and justice.

The Nexus of Social Justice and Entrepreneurship: Catalysts for Change

Entrepreneurs, a unique segment of the workforce, stand apart for crafting their values and standards, and distinctly shaping the trajectory of their lives and work. In contrast, many individuals find themselves navigating a labyrinth of constraints when championing causes opposed by powerful societal forces, often tethered to employment dependencies and predefined directions.

Central to this landscape are social justice entrepreneurs, individuals motivated by a quest for equity rather than mere equality. What matters most to them is addressing systemic issues, recognizing that the privileged have often thrived on the very challenges they seek to remedy. This acknowledgment serves as the cornerstone of their approach, permeating every facet of their work.

Continuous learning is a hallmark of social justice entrepreneurs. Their focus extends beyond conventional leadership and management paradigms, delving into disciplines like critical race theory, the decolonization of thought, and queer studies. This intellectual breadth fortifies their capacity to tackle deeply ingrained societal issues.

For these entrepreneurs, breaking barriers isn’t merely a personal accomplishment. But, it is a responsibility to usher in a more inclusive world. Rejecting panels dominated by homogeneous demographics, they insist on amplifying diverse voices. Moreover, they challenge the criteria for aid recipients, urging funders and foundations to broaden their perspectives on who qualifies.

In essence, social justice entrepreneurs embody a commitment to genuine, systemic change. Their endeavors extend beyond business success, representing a profound dedication to dismantling inequities and creating a world where doors are not just opened for a few but flung wide to welcome everyone.

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