Benefits of Yoga for women Entrepreneurs


The benefits of yoga is something that mankind agrees on unanimously. It is perhaps due to this reason that the International Day of Yoga is observed on 21st June every year to spread awareness about the effects of yoga on the mental, physical and spiritual health of people.

In the busy and hectic lives lead by women entrepreneurs today, health certainly does tend to take a back seat! I personally am of the opinion that yoga can empower women in many a way. Yoga carves out a path for busy entrepreneurs to be able to practice meditation for mental health and practice basic yogic postures for better physical health. Women  entrepreneurs should focus on yoga especially, as they have more stress to strike a perfect balance between home and work life, age,  managing relationships, fluctuating hormonal levels and their daily routines. Not only does yoga stimulate the experience of waking up with joy, but it also encourages people to start their day in a more peaceful yet alert manner.

Over the years, entrepreneurs  have adopted yoga as a practice that adapts to whatever challenges that are going on in one’s body and mind; therefore they insist on starting the day right with the correct form of exercising and meditation. It can absolutely make a difference in how one manages the rest of her day, prioritizing whatever it is that she needs to accomplish and also making space mentally to be her best.

  • It rejuvenates: Yoga has always been the most famous method of rejuvenation.  It alleviates stress, soothes the nerves and calms the mind thereby helping women to  develop  immense control over their responses to situations. Before your goal is met, you need to perceive it in your mind vividly, and this can be obtained by following an amalgamation of asanas and breath control techniques.
  • It strengthens your body: Practicing yoga much like running, swimming and other forms of exercise, will strengthen your body. This in turn will enable you to focus on your business without ‘burning out’ or falling prey to the injuries of the deskbound.
  • It instills balance and patience: Holding yoga poses teaches you the much needed balance and patience in your decision making skills.  Breathing exercises not only help you to relax but to also focus on what’s ‘important’  thereby making appropriate choices and decisions.
  • It provides a ‘new’ ideology: Apparently, yoga helps people improve their overall well-being, but there is an underlying symbolic ideology as well that yoga extends to those who choose to recognize and accept it. For example, we are aware that fear is a great hindrance in the path of growth. Yoga aims to tame the monkey mind which keeps jumping from one tree of fear to another. In this era of entrepreneurship, great heights can be attained only if we ‘unlearn’ fear.

However, it is only right to conclude by pointing out that although early morning yoga can help entrepreneurs to manage stress and anxiety, it won’t prevent unpleasant and difficult situations arising at work – it empowers them to handle these unwelcome situations with the correct attitude.  Similarly, no matter how flexible you are by practicing yoga, you still need to incorporate it’s slow yet effective essence of the asanas into your thinking methodology, in order to actually reap it’s benefits! 

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