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‘Fitness’ comes into your mind when you hear that today is World Mental Health Day (October 10).  Every year this day highlights issues of global mental health education, awareness and advocacy against the social stigma, that is attached to mental health illnesses.

World Mental Health Day helps create awareness and action on a global scale. Basically, World Mental Health Day is an occasion to spark off a conversation about mental health and people’s wellbeing.  This could lead to more people seeking support and treatment.

The day offers an opportunity to reflect and take ownership of all our mental wellbeing. Today, it is a tough world that we face and, specially so, since we are all juggling through a lot of issues – stress, disappointment, loss, grief – and all these emotions can come to create a lot of tension in our minds. World Mental Health Day allows an opportunity to think about mental health issues and make changes if necessary.

It’s not just about your mental health. It is not necessary that you stay with your mental problems. You don’t need to have depression, anxiety or any other mental health disorder to make a difference today. It’s important that you educate yourself and offer support to your community. This can help in keeping everyone’s health – both physical and mental, in a satisfactory condition.

And, talking about entrepreneurs, we can notice that they take pride in their self-sufficiency, resilience and creativity. We often see that they see challenges as opportunities.  At the same time they have to deal with pressures, rejection, and are particularly vulnerable. They can be  struggling with mental health challenges, whether it is stress, anxiety, OCD or depression.

As a business leader or as an entreprepeur,  he or she should Inspire wellness habits.  Mental health awareness isn’t just about the leader, but it may engulf your whole team. So, take care of yourself and make it clear to your employees that they should do the same. Unfortunately, most people don’t feel that they’re in an environment that encourages taking care of one’s mental health. So, we need more leaders who encourage employees to do this.

They should talk about mental health. The stigma around this issue is a real issue, and it’s time it stops. The state mental health affects everyone. Entrepreneurs should foster honest conversations about topics like mental health and should find ways to tackle mental health challenges. Everyone has a role to play in busting this stigma.

So, with this day reminding us of the importance of solving mental health problems, the only way is to move ahead!

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