Are small biz investing in saving the planet?


Today, with global warming and climate change top-of-mind, having a day devoted to earth makes sense.

Tracing the background of the first Earth Day we can go back to 1970, when it was first initiated, when a United States senator from Wisconsin organized a national demonstration – to raise awareness about environmental issues.

This year’s Earth Day theme is – “Give a break to a Mother Earth”. The theme is designed to persuade businesses, governments and citizens globally, of the urgent need to invest in our planet – to improve our environment and give our future generations a better, safer future.

All businesses must come together in partnership – to fight for the planet. Businesses, governments, and civil society are equally responsible – for taking action against the climate crisis. They should actually light the spark to accelerate change toward a green and prosperous stable future. So, join in the green revolution – for the health of future generations. And, as it is already too late, the time is now or never – to invest in our planet.

Since, its inception, Earth Day has become a truly global event. It is a day for people of all backgrounds to come together and take all action – to protect the planet. Many Earth Day events take place in many different forms – from educational programs, community clean-up projects to political activism and public demonstrations. Environmental issues affect everyone, regardless of where they live. By working together on Earth Day and throughout the year in a planned way, people around the world can help create a sustainable future for our planet and all its inhabitants.

The impact of human activity on this cannot be overstated. Look at the climate change, pollution, deforestation, increasing sea levels, ice melting, and habitat destruction – these are just a few of the ways we are damaging the planet. Earth Day is a reminder of our responsibility to protect the planet – and, it’s high time we got into action FAST!!

Need to encourage full action

Earth Day encourages people – to take action from urban areas, rural areas – to protect the planet. It is a day for individuals, communities, businesses and governments to come together – to find solutions to environmental challenges.

Building awareness is right on point!

Earth Day is an opportunity – to raise awareness about various environmental issues and promote conservation efforts. By educating people about the impact of their actions – we can inspire them to act. .

Small biz can invest in saving the planet

Different groups had been fighting against – oil spills, polluting factories and power plants, raw sewage, toxic dumps, pesticides, freeways, the loss of wilderness & the extinction of wildlife too.

Today is 46th Anniversary of Earth Day. There are electric cars coming and smaller businesses could also come together to take a stand on the importance of combating climate changes.

Here are very simple tips – to save the earth.
> Conserve water
> Use green cleaning products – for office & home
> Plant a tree (they combat Climate Change)
> Use energy carefully(Encourage employees to turn off desktops and laptops at the end of the day. Use energy saving monitors, printers, and other electrical appliances. Recycle office papers, etc)

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