Andorran Women in Business: Leading the Charge in a Changing Landscape

In the Spotlight: Some inspiring women entrepreneurs from Andorra

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Right in the heart of the Pyrenees, Andorra’s entrepreneurial landscape is witnessing transformative wave. It has become an attractive location for women entrepreneurs. And significantly, at the helm of the business scene are remarkable women shaping the principality’s economic future.

The country’s stable economy, favorable tax system, and low bureaucracy make it an ideal place to start a business. From fintech pioneers to trailblazers in biotech, these women entrepreneurs are redefining success. Women entrepreneurs in Andorra can start businesses in a variety of sectors, including – tourism, finance, and technology. There are also several organizations and initiatives in place to support women entrepreneurs, such as the Andorra Women’s Chamber of Commerce and the startup incubator Andorra Startup.

Here’s a look at some inspiring women entrepreneurs from Andorra. Join us as we explore their journeys, challenges and triumphs, as we get a fix on how these go-getters are not only breaking barriers, but also contributing significantly to Andorra’s emergence as an innovation hub.

> Jessica Rivera Galián, CEO & Co-Founder, AUMENTIUM

Jessica Rivera Galián is CEO & Co-Founder, AUMENTIUM – a company, which is centered around high added value technological solutions and services with cybersecurity as a vision and central axis in all of them. It is sustained by two strong pillars, which are – digital transformation and strategic consulting.

> Maite Calzada from Logocube

Maite Calzada from Logocube, which creates specific material for speech therapy interventions, such as physical boxes that contain a variety of materials helping to reach specific objectives and of the utmost importance in speech therapy work with infants.

> Selene Molteno, Founder of SELENE MOLTENO

Selene Molteno’s company is known for a high-end men and women´s clothing brand which bears her own name. SELENE MOLTENO is a clothing brand, which is focused on developing high quality knitwear made from South African merino wool and mohair.

> Sara Valls, Founder & CEO, Color Botànica

Sara Valls is the Founder and CEO of Color Botànica, a botanical-inspired textile and design studio based in Barcelona. She studied art and design at the Pratt Institute in New York and moreover, has exhibited her work in galleries and museums around the world.

Color Botànica is known for its unique, handwoven textiles that incorporate natural dyes and sustainable materials, and for its commitment to environmental sustainability and ethical labor practices.

> Inka Bellés, Co-Founder, Escape Andorra

Inka Belles is a basically mountain ski guide in Andorra, a mid-mountain guide; and she is also a graduate in Sports Sciences and Journalism.

For many years, she has been part of the Andorra Mountain Ski Team where she has participated in various large competitions and international events.

She usually works as a freelancer with magazines specialized in mountain skiing and hiking around the world and has recently opened an Escape Room in the Natural Environment.

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