5 Women Entrepreneurs of Mizoram


How easy is it starting a business in Mizoram? The state offers immense potential for commercial exploitation of the natural resources for export-oriented industries.

The Government of Mizoram has been supporting the people, especially the youth, to aspire to become successful entrepreneurs, so that they help their communities, and also contribute to
the socio-economic development. To create a vibrant entrepreneurial eco-system and facilitate
nurturing of start-ups and propagate a culture of innovation in Mizoram, the Govt. of Mizoram
has launched a series of Entrepreneurship Development Programs under the brand name “Mizoram Kailawn” – through the Entrepreneurship Development Scheme (EDS), Mizoram State
Entrepreneurship Development & Monitoring Committee (MEDMOC), and Planning & Program Implementation Department.

Here we introduce you to some leading women entrepreneurs of Mizoram.

> Maggie Lalnunsangi, Founder, DCM-Living Design
Always inspired by a passion for entrepreneurship, Maggie Lalnunsangi strongly maintains that it is a common trait in women in the region. So after completing a diploma course in interior
designing from Delhi, she returned to her hometown in 2009, hoping to start her own business. She was exposed to certain technical challenges in the region (while working independently as an interior designer). She then launched her interior design venture called DCM-Living Design, in 2012, followed by an offshoot venture specialised in manufacturing timbre components, called DCM Wood Based industry in 2018.

When she started, women in the timber industry, especially in Mizoram, were very rare. She
realized the untapped potential for the state and decided to use her company as a catalyst for
bringing in that change. Initially, she put in a request to the government to make specific laws for the industry so that products could be exported to other states; and in 2019, the law was finally passed. Being the first entrepreneur in her family, with plans to expand, especially in the online space, she registered herself with the  Her&Now program as a woman entrepreneur in 2019. Fortunately, since then, her venture has been getting attention from industry experts (in terms of guidance and mentorship).

> Zomawii Hrahsel- Founder, Diki Bakery
Zomawii Hrahsel runs the Diki Bakery in Aizawl, Mizoram, which sells products under the brand
name -‘Tepuia Chaang’. She actually took over the running of the business, after her partner
and husband passed away in 2010. Initially they ran a grocery store, but they shifted attention to bakery production; and soon their products became popular and are now in great demand in Aizawl and other parts of Mizoram. The unique selling point for TepuiaChaang (an innovative product) is its quality, taste and ingredients that suit the local taste buds. Their products range from biscuits to cakes for various occasions. Another unique factor is that she helps out the disadvantaged and presents her bakery products to them on special events, such as Christmas.

> Lalthamuani, Founder, Eco Far
Lalthamuani is the founder of Eco Far, a tea manufacturing and producing home-grown
business in Leisenzo hamlet. Eco Far’s core product is a handcrafted ‘jungle red tea’ and they
hope to launch white and green teas in the near future. This firm also sells directly through
different social media platforms and caters to the Ministry of Tribal Affairs, as well as businesses in Assam, Dimapur, and Kolkata.

Inspired by her mom, who sold vegetables door to door, it was in order to complete her BBA
studies in 2018, that she launched Eco Far, a company that marketed sustainable everyday
utility products such as recycled and decorated bottles, as well as taking on some network
marketing activities. She also established the Leisenzo Tea Society, of which she is the chairman (in order to provide sustainable employment for the villagers). The Ministry is currently financing the Leisenzo Tea Society in order to provide training to its members. She was a finalist in both the Start-Up India Mizoram Yatra and the Mizoram Kailawn 2019, a business plan competition organized by the Mizoram government as part of its New Economic Development Policy to encourage entrepreneurship in the state. She even won the Pandemic Innovative Challenge organized by the Government of Mizoram’s Planning and Program Implementation Department in 2020.

> Lalhlupuii Ralte, Founder, Zo Bio Hub Lalhlupuii Ralte (nicknamed Mahlui) set up her Zo Bio hub in Muallungthu in Mizoram in 2018.
All products are organically farmed by local farmers. Keeping in mind the importance of always
keeping quality first, all products are processed following the strictest quality procedures. It offers a range of aromatic and medicinal plant products. Impressed by her father’s work, she
used to accompany him during his official field visits; and he even wrote a book on medicinal
plants of Mizoram. Her start-up is an initiative to develop his ideas – a fact that she has happily
acknowledges too.

> Vanlalruati Colney, Founder, Positive Women’s Network of Mizoram
Vanlalruati Colney, from Aizawl in Mizoram, is a true inspiration. She has helped over 10,000
people with HIV find medicines, employment and ‘hope’. But her life had its ups and downs – at a young age she fell into drug abuse and was diagnosed with HIV at age 20. At that time,
healthcare professionals in Mizoram weren’t much aware of HIV and its treatment. There came
a time when everyone had given up their hopes on her. However, she was determined to fight
the disease, and started her first phase of de-addiction at home and later joined a local church
group, where she found her purpose – to help fellow HIV patients.

Soon, she established the Positive Women’s Network of Mizoram (PWNM), a support and
advocacy group for women living with HIV, in 2007. The strategy finalised was clear – to uplift
and empower women living with HIV, educate them for their welfare, and also to support one
another. The state has over 20,000 registered People Living With HIV (PLHIV), and her aim was
to ensure their rights, medical support, connection with state schemes and citizenship

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