5 Tips for Women Entrepreneurs to Balance their Personal and Professional Life


With the consistent developments in the Indian start-up ecosystem, many women are aspiring
toward the fulfilment of their entrepreneurial dream. This, in turn is empowering other Indian
women who are still confined to the traditional roles, to think for themselves. However, having a fulfilling personal life while achieving entrepreneurial ambitions is still a dilemma for many women, leading many of them to abandon one of the two goals; and the unequal distribution of household and family tasks does not make this situation any easier. Changing practices and attitudes to enable women pursue their careers and personal lives in harmony is a long-term task in which families, public policies, companies and individuals have an essential role to play. While bringing about these lofty changes may take collective efforts and some time, let’s look at some tips which will help women entrepreneurs to strike a balance between their personal and professional life :-

>Delegate work efficiently – without any guilt! An age that has opened more work options to
women does not excuse them from the social roles that they have sincerely undertaken for
aeons. Women today should know how and what work to assign to whom, both at
workplace and home, to keep things organized. The art of delegation allows one to work
smoothly with a peaceful mind.

>Don’t waste precious time pondering over problems – look for solutions actively! At
workplace, if an employee comes with a problem, your suggestions should be such that they
set the ball rolling in the direction of a solution. The same must be implemented in one’s
personal life. In order to maintain stability, one must stop complaining and actually work
towards finding a solution.

>Do not ignore your health! Yes, you read it right – although it sounds cliché, health is indeed your greatest wealth. Only a healthy body can nurture a healthy mind, which in turn can
manage and multitask vehemently. Although it is difficult to find time on an entrepreneur’s
jam-packed schedule, yet making time for workouts is an imperative. It is a requisite for
working women. It is a well-acknowledged fact that physical exercise helps boost one’s
energy and ability to concentrate, and also contributes to a stronger immune system.

>Avoiding Equivocation- Women Entrepreneurs should always work with defined goals and
dedication – if they do not have their vision focused on the goals, they may not achieve
them fully, or achieve them later than required. Uncertainty, especially for women in India is
a way of life – yet, it should not stop you from having firm decisions and defined goals. One
should prepare beforehand for uncertainties coming along one’s way and navigate your way
successfully around them.

>Choose the Correct Life-Partner– In India, it is mainly a woman’s duty to look after the
children and other members of the family. A married woman, readying herself to take the
leap of faith in entrepreneurship, has to strike a fine balance between her business and
family. Here, the support and approval of husbands seems a necessary condition for
women’s entry and success in the business world. Accordingly, the educational level and
family background of husbands positively influence women’s entry into business activities.
Only if your husband believes in your goals, will he support you whole heartedly. Hence it is
wise to choose your life partner with care, so that the balancing act becomes relatively easy
for you!

For women, finding a healthy work-life balance lies in drawing some boundaries as well as erasing some. Situations arise where one has to work and rework on the discrepancies between one’s job and home. Women need to constantly adapt themselves to this ever-changing process in order to achieve perfection – something they strive for in everything they do! Kudos to all the brave ones out there!

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