5 New Year Resolutions for Woman Entrepreneurs


As we stand on the threshold of 2019, most of us will soon be penning our new year resolutions. As an aspiring woman entrepreneur there are five resolutions that you must make for 2019.

  1. Take forward an interesting new idea or concept– Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur or run your business, take some time to take stock of the year gone by, map the current market landscape and identify new ideas which will help you forge ahead in 2019.
  2. Revisit the basics– Enhance your knowledge about the start-up journey. Learn how funding works, incentives available to women entrepreneurs, legal options, shareholding patterns, business terminologies etc. The more you know, the more quickly you will be able to move up.
  3. Grow your network– Get out there and meet people with an aim of building long term professional networks. Don’t make the mistake of believing that benefits come overnight. Becoming a part of a professional network or association will help in this process of identifying like-minded friends and reaching out to mentor and funders. However also learn to reach out to people who have a different mindset and are operating in different fields and structures so that you become exposed to newer thoughts and ideas.
  4. Balance work and fitness– Take time out for yourself to avoid burn-out. Sneak in a few minutes in your busy day to do things your love, get health check-ups and focus on your health and fitness. Take out some quiet time to get some solitude and give yourself space in order to think and plan about your long-term goals.
  5. Speak up– Don’t accept the doormat tag. Learn to speak up and voice your opinions confidently as effective communication is a key factor in an entrepreneur’s journey. Sadly, gender discrimination will always be there and there will always be some people casting doubts on your abilities. Believe in yourself and move ahead to fulfil your dreams.
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