Women entrepreneurs with a vision towards winning the war against COVID-19


Business Standard April15, 2020

Business incubators have always been catalyst tools for national sustainability and growth, and this is once again reiterated with CIE IIITH and Pernod Ricard India Foundation incubators providing technological and financial support to women entrepreneurs to fight back against COVID -19. Tapping the inherent potential of women entrepreneurs, this program allows them to come up with solutions pertaining to public health under the present circumstances.

The main focus areas of these solutions will be attempting to provide in- home care through various gadgets, especially to the elderly. Having IIT Hyderabad to coordinate this effort by providing technological support to women entrepreneurs of this program, has already stamped its success. Rising to the present needs of the nation is yet again a team of ‘wonder women’ with a vision towards winning the war against COVID-19.


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