Indian all-women team makes a mark globally, to adopt AI


Livemint   20 September 2020

The team that won the 2016 US Baseball World Series relied on data that was analyzed and tagged by women in Metiabruz, West Bengal. The two teams – Chicago Cubs who won the US Major League Baseball World Series title in 2016, and LA Dodgers who reached the 2017 World Series final, had a common point – the use of AI. And, working quietly behind the scene – there was a group of women in Metiabruz, situated on the fringes of Kolkata, who played a crucial role in enabling the Cubs and Dodgers pitchers to outshine rivals. They work for iMerit, a start-up based in Kolkata and California, that provides the data annotation crucial for training AI algorithms. Radha Basu, iMerit’s founder, was elated at the success story, where her team had a crucial role to play. 
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