AatmaNirbhar She – Agile Startup Program

AatmaNirbhar She - Agile Startup Program

“Women are the largest untapped reservoir of talent in the world”

Sheatwork has tied up with The Entrepreneurship School to develop AatmaNirbhar She Agile Startup Program for women who aspire to build and launch their own startup. The program aims to harness your energy in kick starting your dream venture with full pace.


AatmaNirbhar She is structurized for ambitious and innovative women entrepreneurs to enable them to transform their ideas into a business venture.

The program is specifically designed to help current and aspiring women entrepreneurs to identify viable business opportunities and to develop feasible and sustainable plans.


Our program focuses on the enhancement of the entrepreneurial and managerial skills of women leading early and ideation stage ventures, thereby honing their skills in the art of building a successful venture step by step with top speed, while mitigating risks.

In eight weeks flat, AatmaNirbhar She program will take you through the journey of building your startup, part by part alongside continuously improving the business with the help of real-time customer feedback. You will also learn lessons on structuring the business, shrugging off the hesitations of making things, breaking things and selling things. The program ends with a capstone investor pitch.

Our expert faculty and mentors will teach you the art of making products and services that the customers desire. This program will help you develop an entrepreneurial mindset, which is the most essential aspect of a startup journey.

Program Structure

The program is conducted through eight-week online training course offered on the online learning platform.

1. Entrepreneur’s Mindset
2. Idea Generation
3. Evaluating an idea
Product Market Fit
4. Core value Proposition
5. Design the Prototype
6. Know your customer and competition
Business Design
7. Define Business Model
8. Legal Structure of a Business
9. Build the Supply Chain and Distribution Model
Marketing and Sales
10. Pricing and Packaging
11. Selling Skills for a Startup
12. Digital Marketing Hack
Startup Team and Finance
13. Build the Startup team
14. Financial Model of a startup
15. Frugality
Demo Week and Launch
16. Product Development
17. Launching Steps for a startup
18. Investment Pitch

Standard Program Fee : INR 12,000/- *

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