What makes K Raheja Corp a dream workplace for women

What makes K Raheja Corp a dream workplace for women

K Raheja Corp is a property development company that a woman would love to work for. It has become famous for being extremely friendly to its employees, especially the women, supporting and empowering them at all levels.

It is not without reason, therefore, that it has been ranked among ‘India’s Top 100 Best Companies for Women’ by Working Mothers Media, and Avatar. K Raheja Corp has found itself among this elite group of companies for the fourth consecutive year, according to a report in Construction Week Online.

Urvi Aradhya, the CHRO of K Raheja Corp, said that it was gratifying to be recognised for their initiatives to empower its employees. She expressed pride in the company’s policies, which help in establishing a holistic relationship with their women workforce.

Companies were ranked based on their responses to a detailed questionnaire comprising over 300 questions that sought data of high granularity on practices, programmes, and policies aimed at gender inclusion at the workplace.

K Raheja Corp’s HR policies stand it apart. The company offers maternity programmes, sabbaticals and flexible work hours, thereby empowering its women workforce to strike the right work-life balance.

The company’s unique maternity programme, Aanchal, aims to provide the best support to expectant mothers all through their pregnancies. It also facilitates their smooth return to work after maternity leave and helps in their seamless integration into the day-to-day functioning of the company. Significantly, the company has maintained that maternity breaks would not be a reason for discrimination during performance appraisals.

Working mothers in the company also have the facility of daycare centres across geographical locations. The company also organises regular welfare activities for its women employees, like yoga sessions, bone density tests, eye, and dental check-ups, breast cancer awareness camps, comprehensive health check-ups, safety and defence training and so on.

The company has a healthy female-male ration at the workplace and boasts of women at the highest positions in the management.

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