TiEcon Mumbai 2020: The Decade of Start Ups – Kick starting the Future

Mumbai 2020 - The Decade of Start Ups – Kick starting the Future

The 11th edition of TiEcon Mumbai was held with much fanfare on 28th – 29th January 2020 at NCPA, Nariman Point, Mumbai. The event was aimed at highlighting the importance of Startups in socio-economic development, transformational growth, and job creation, for a country.

The rapid evolution of the Indian startup ecosystem can help create several useful solutions, leveraging innovation and scalable technology.

Atul Nishar, President TiE Mumbai, said, “TiEcon Mumbai 2020 provided a comprehensive understanding of growth drivers and motivation for Indian Startup founders, identified challenge areas, and outlined pillars in place that support them.”

Ashish Hemrajani, Founder of BookMyShow.com and Harsh Jain, Founder of Dream 11, were the ‘Startup Show Stoppers’ for the event. They shared several practical insights while emphasising that successful startups are not just about an idea, but also about execution. For this, culture, humanity and integrity, must be etched into the foundations of all companies.

While Mr. Nishith Desai delved into the legal framework of startups, discussing various intriguing topics like limited liability for Robots, Farzana Haque, Business Director of TCS, said, “This is the decade where India is headed to be a developed Country. Build the future on sustainable model with a global mindset.”

The theme this year was ‘The Decade of Start Ups – Kick starting the Future’, with a focus on technology-led innovation and disruption which will transform businesses. As such, it also explored the future of ideas, entrepreneurship challenges, governance and law, and the leadership and support required for a startup to flourish. The event highlighted the best practices that can help the ecosystem grow, as well as promote stakeholders through engagement.

The event also consisted of a unique debate between six renowned angel and early stage investors, “Are there enough Angel investors in India?”. The debate aimed at shedding light on the need for more investors to take a chance on promising entrepreneurs to help their ventures flourish.

The evening ended with a fireside chat between Sheela Birnstiel and actor and entrepreneur Neha Dhupia. Mrs Birnstiel spoke about the many lessons that entrepreneurs could take from her life, encouraging them to live independently and create ventures that they love working on.

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