TiE Women to support female entrepreneurs with $70,000 fund

TiE Women to support female entrepreneurs with $70,000 fund

TiE Global, one of the world’s largest non-profit entrepreneurial organisations, recently launched TiE Women. The platform will cover all 61 chapters of the organization. It raised $70,000 in contributions from TiE Charter Members during the two-day event.

Nitin Rai, chairperson of TiE Global launched the initiative. “I’m excited to see the launch of TiE Women. Women represent the greatest opportunity for our ecosystem to make a huge impact, globally. 50-50 gender parity will be the norm in the TiE Global ecosystem and not the exception,” he said.

The aim of TiE Women is to ‘Embrace…Engage…Empower’ women entrepreneurs globally, without discriminating for size, domain, background, or goals of the venture. The platform will utilise sustainable and easily adaptable programming that monitors and supports them in their entire entrepreneurial journey using measurable metrics.

The founder of Ampere Vehicles Ltd and President of TiE Coimbatore, Hemalatha Annamalai, has been appointed chairperson for TiE Women.

Commenting on the urgent need for this venture, she said, “We need to empower women by providing them a safe space. This will allow them to develop skills and knowledge while mentoring them to systematically change the trajectory of their businesses leading to job creation”.

She further added that the platform will also organise an annual mega event which allows these women entrepreneurs to showcase their success stories and helps them gain access to funds, scholarships, accelerators, and more.

Dharti Desai, Vice President, TiE New York, and Vice-Chair, TiE Women, also present at the event, said, “We are leveraging our global footprints and building upon the rich ethos of TiE. The foundation of its values and beliefs are well understood globally, and the visible outcomes are constantly evolving. We would now like to encourage more women to participate in this process with measurable metrics and due governance”.

The programme will adopt the most effective practices of local women-centric initiatives to enhance the efficiency and flexibility of their entrepreneurial ventures. This will culminate in a massive support structure for such entrepreneurs through improved capacity building and networking, along with higher knowledge-sharing and visibility. As a result, it will also help create a non-discriminating safe space for women entrepreneurs, to help and encourage them in learning the art of business, without any inhibitions and judgment.

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