Celebrating International Women’s Day 2022 with the theme this year: Break the Bias – here we have stories from women who broke the bias against challenges and set off on their business journeys and hit success!

MisbahQuadri, Founder & CEO, Monofys Media

“My ability to lead teams of people twice my age have been doubted simply because of the way I look or for the way I dress. People in positions of power have chosen to overlook my grit and competence for petty reasons. With time and experiences, I have learnt to exit the stage when I can no longer entertain casual sexism, blissful oblivion, self-induced ignorance and move on to the next battle worth fighting for.”

Anjali Rawat – Co-founder & Director of Design Thinking, Digital Dogs

“I have been in the advertising and design industry for almost 25 years now, but I have been a woman longer than that. In my world, a bias is a limited concept and coming from design thinking, it’s not something that is central to my world-building. So I approach this loaded word like all of the things in my life that challenge me…I empower myself and others not to break down barriers but to showcase that they never existed in the first place —a problem-solving approach that comes from lateral thinking. The way I see it…it’s not me against a system or me against someone else or me against myself. It is me, with myself.”

Shraddha Bhavalkar, CEO GetSetGo Fitness

Bias is nothing but incorrect conditioning of human minds and the only way to correct this is through – Awareness. We as leaders need to take ownership of changing our own unhelpful biases while making decisions and passing judgements, after all we inspire change and set the culture for our future generations. I only focused on changing myself while stepping up in the game of business.

Kausambi Manjita, CEO & Co-Founder at Mason

“There’s a draconian bias – especially in India – that a woman who loves cooking, painting & poetry cannot be a lover of technology & science. I’ve always straddled this dichotomy.. on one hand, a voracious consumer of science fiction; on the other, whipping up art every weekend for friends & family. It took me till my 30th year to realise this middle ground gives me a unique advantage – an eye for experience & design that powers me to democratize technology. Albeit late, this helped me finally trust my guts and become a tech entrepreneur. As for the biases of people around me? That’s a work in progress.”

Nisha Lal, Partner – Our Purple Studio

A lustrous career of 15 years in Marketing & Sales, being a second-generation in Tata Steel, leaving a ‘perfect job’ in a ‘perfect company’ was not an easy decision. Nevertheless, the desire to pursue my passion for jewellery designing and retailing led to the genesis of “Our Purple Studio”.Today “Our Purple Studio” has its own website and social media presence. We are also present in marketplaces like ‘Nykaa Fashion” and ‘Mirraw’. My message to all the budding women entrepreneurs would be INDIVIDUALLY WE ARE ONE DROP BUT TOGETHER WE ARE AN OCEAN.

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